(to be) on your toes

Idiom Definition

"to be on your toes"

to be very aware of a situation and ready to react quickly

Idiom Definition - to be on your toes


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be on your toes

Two elementary school teachers are chatting in the Teacher's Lounge ...

Teacher 1: How's your day going?

Teacher 2: Pretty good. You know, we always have to be ready for any situation in the classroom.

Teacher 1: Too true. We never know what the students are going to do.

Teacher 2: We always have to be on our toes.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be on your toes

Two hunters are talking about a recent adventure ...

Hunter 1: It's always good to be very aware of your situation when you are hunting.

Hunter 2: Well, we think that just because we have a gun, we are invincible.

Hunter 1: Yes, and ...

Hunter 2: I was hunting the other day and I wasn't keeping on my toes and a big bear came up behind me and almost attacked.

Hunter 1: True enough. We should always be on our toes out there.

to be on your toes - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   333   click for frequency by country

to be on your toes - Gerund Form:

Staying on your toes during an important business meeting can mean the difference between success and failure.

to be on your toes - Examples:

1)  I am always on my toes when the regional manager visits the office.

2)  You are on your toes when you drive in heavy traffic.

3)  He is on his toes in dangerous situations.

4)  She is on her toes when she is waiting for her airplane boarding announcement.

5)  The retail store is on its toes for fear that its competitors will have lower prices.

6)  We are on our toes especially during the last quarter of a game.

7)  You (all) are on your toes when your mothers-in-law come to visit.

8)  They are on their toes because they do not want to miss anything.

9)  Bosses value workers who stay on their toes.

10)  Men have often complained to me why they have to always be on their toes around women.

11)  Every day is a new experience and tests a person by keeping them on their toes.

12)  This author definitely knows how to keep her readers on their toes. Ordering the next book as we speak!

13) They keep you alert and on your toes with healthy competition if you see them correctly. 

14)  Preparation will help you stay on your toes during the negotiation and quickly redirect any doubt towards confidence.

15)  You always have to be on your toes and counter balance any negativity with something positive.

16)  I answer questions, which keeps me on my toes because you never know what questions you might get.

17)  He is my only boy and really has me on my toes! I've never experienced these types of safety concerns with the girls.

18)  Doesn't matter to me, as it keeps me on my toes and at least I'm not winning against them every time!

19)  Change is constant and works toward keeping us on our toes.

20)  There are so many girls coming through, it keeps us all on our toes and training hard all the time.