to only have eyes for

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - only have eyes for

"to only have eyes for"

to be interested in or attracted to only one person or thing


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - only have eyes for

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Do you think that Alfred likes Jennifer?

Friend 2:  Are you kidding?  He follows her around like a lost puppy dog.

Friend 1:  I suppose you are right.  Even when another beautiful woman approached him, Alfred didn't even care.

Friend 2:  Of course not.  Alfred only has eyes for Jennifer.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - only have eyes for

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Have you seen the new Samslung computer?

Friend 2:  I heard about it but I really don't care. I am focused on waiting for the next generation g-Comp.

Friend 1:  Not even willing to look at the features of another computer?

Friend 2:  No way. I only have eyes for the new g-Comp.

to only have eyes for - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   66   click for frequency by country

to only have eyes for - Gerund Form:

Only having eyes for Susan, Greg never looks at other women.

to only have eyes for - Examples:

1)  Ideal for lovers who only have eyes for one another.

2)  ... because I will be the most beautiful woman and he will only have eyes for me.

3)  Yet the cultural vandals on the right only have eyes for the BBC, whose existence has always been anathema to their free-market, anti-regulation ...

4)  Of course they all go away disappointed as I only have eyes for my beautiful wife Victoria.

5)  They only have eyes for literary dinosaurs and those who hack out hackneyed pulp thrillers, romance, chick-lit ...

6)  ... yet I feel as though I only have eyes for him. No one else interests me.

7)  ... other racers are breaking as many laws as you are but the cops only have eyes for your car as if it has' FREE DONUTS INSIDE' written on its ...

8)  Meantime, in the long jump competition, the French crowd will only have eyes for Eloyse Lesueur.

9)  You fall in love with your life. You only have eyes for what matters.

10)  You'll soon find that you only have eyes for your partner... with maybe a crafty, quick glance at that other woman ...

11)  Michael sparkled in the company of men and of women, but only had eyes for Leona.

12)  However, she only had eyes for a boy who was constantly rude to her.

13)  I guess this time the media largely only had eyes for Harry.

14)  ... performed poorly with consumers and enterprise users alike, both of which seemingly only had eyes for Apple's iPad.

15)  We were all getting on really well but I soon realised that I only had eyes for Sally.

16)  I like a man to be a little possessive because it shows he only has eyes for me.

17)  But, as we've seen, Sam only has eyes for beautiful Denise - and chooses to play ignorant every time Pauline offers up her ...

18)  People will rightfully be concerned that this is a Government which only has eyes for independence and not for the day-to-day running of Scotland.

19)  The capitalist system, however, only has eyes for short-term profit. 

20)  One of the signs he is interested in you is that he only has eyes for you.