(only) time will tell

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - only time will tell

"(only) time will tell"

an outcome will only become known after some time has passed


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - only time will tell

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Do you think our current marketing campaign is effective?

Colleague 2:  We only launched the campaign last week so there really has not been enough time to really know how effective it is.

Colleague 1:  I suppose only time will tell.

Colleague 2:  Let's wait a month or so and then we will have enough data to know if the campaign is effective.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - only time will tell

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  The repairs you did on the roof look good. Will they keep the rain out?

HusbandTime will tell. You never know. Water is insidious. You think you have got things covered but then the water finds a way in anyways.

Wife:  We will find out if your repairs worked the next time we get a heavy rain.

Husband:  Let's monitor the situation for a couple of rainstorms and then we will see.

(only) time will tell - Usage:


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(only) time will tell - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for (only) time will tell.

(only) time will tell - Examples:

1)  ... and only time will tell if the Xperia Z's sleek yet hardy design is enough to set it apart ...

2)  What's gonna become of it, only time will tell, but I see all kinds of reasons for hope.

3)  ... are any good, only time will tell if they have enough about them to inflict a defeat of any kind on ...

4)  ... they could have quite the device on their hands, but only time will tell.

5)  End of crisis in sight, only time will tell as there is more to it than meets the eye.

6)  I do not know what will happen. Time will tell. I do not burden myself with that. I have the freedom to decide ...

7)  Only time will tell whether these forecasts will be wrong again, but there is some evidence that suppliers ...

8)  ...companies battle against each other to make their products more attractive. Only time will tell whether the smartwatch really takes off.

9)  Time will tell which banks are embrace a partnership model with innovative tech companies and which ...

10)  ... one of the first to forecast the end of the brand. Only time will tell if he is right.

11)  I don't like his chances at the moment, only time will tell, but he can continue to make a strong case with his play.

12)  Do we see another lovely relationship biting the dust? Only time will tell.

13)  ... says it's cautious about the province's latest promises, and time will tell if there will be any significant improvements.

14)  ... the ball is now in the government's court. Time will tell whether the government takes action against the real culprits or not, sources concluded.

15)  The program is succeeding, only time will tell if it is a success.

16)  Only time will tell whether streaming is the format that will sustain the music industry.

17)  Each approach represents a different vision and set of values and only time will tell which one is more effective.

18)  How true it is, we suppose the time will tell.

19)  After you have surgery, only time will tell how things work out.

20)  I don't know if it's enough. Time will tell.