to open up

Idiom Definition

"to open up"

to talk more honestly or openly;

to reveal information

Idiom Definition - to open up


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to open up

Two students are talking about a third student in their study group ...

Student 1:  What's with Jimmy?

Student 2:  What do you mean?

Student 1:  Jimmy is a great study partner. He's very intelligent and hardworking but we know so little about his personal life.

Student 2:  I've noticed.  He doesn't really share his feelings or private life.

Student 1:  He seems like a nice guy.  I wish he would open up a little more.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to open up

Two scientists are talking ...

Scientist 1:  Have you heard the news about the new particle accelerator tests?

Scientist 2:  New procedures have been discovered that will allow us to discover information we've never been able to access before.

Scientist 1:  Sounds like the new procedures will open up a completely new area of study.

Scientist 2:  Yes.  Very exciting.

to open up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   6,022   click for frequency by country

to open up - Gerund Form:

Opening up and telling someone how you are really feeling can be a wonderful catharsis.

to open up - Examples:

1)  I've gotten good at getting women to open up to me and really trust me with telling me a lot.

2)  I felt very comfortable and at ease even though I had to open up about some pretty personal stuff.

3)  That's why Buffy won't open up to anyone; she fears that they'll see her weakness

4)  So they are able to open up and the families figure out what the problem is.

5)  Why would the grandmother all of a sudden open up to her granddaughter?

6)  He asks you to open up your mind, your thinking and your heart to some ideas.

7)  It is amazing that you got these women to open up to you about such difficult and traumatic memories.

8)  The more people open up and talk about disabilities, the less " taboo " having a disability will have.

9) What makes people think he is going to open up now? 

10)  They understand what we are trying to do and they open up.

11)  In the early days it wasn't necessary easy to open up about certain things because I felt like they simply wouldn't understand.

12)  This made it as safe and easy as possible for the teachers to open up right along with me.

13)  He has to be comfortable enough with you that he is willing to open up.

14) She has been able to open up to me in ways she has not before to any other guy. 

15)  Do you open up to others and risk exposing yourself?

16)  Music can be the most inspiring thing in our lives, if we open up our hearts and minds.

17)  The problem with this approach is that the members are unlikely to open up to you the first time they're meeting you.

18)  Everyone has a different set of keys that helps them to open up.

19)  It was hopeless to get him to open up.

20)  A child who is depressed and withdrawn can learn to open up through art therapy.