(to be) out for blood

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - out for blood

"(to be) out for blood"

(to be) aggressively seeking to harm or get revenge;

(to be) angry and looking for the cause of your distress


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - out for blood

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  The boss looks very angry.

Colleague 2:  Apparently someone told the CEO that the boss has been leaving work early every Friday and now the boss is out for blood.

Colleague 1:  I imagine the boss will find a reason to fire the betrayer.

Colleague 2:  Revenge is sweet.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - out for blood

Two roommates are talking ...

Roommate 1:  Watch out for Chris today.

Roommate 2:  Why? What's going on?

Roommate 1:  One of our roommates took his jacket and tie this morning and Chris had a big job interview. Needless to say, Chris is extremely upset and wants to punish the culprit.

Roommate 2:  I don't blame Chris for being out for blood. Taking someone's stuff without permission is a big betrayal of trust.

(to be) out for blood - Usage:


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(to be) out for blood - Gerund Form:

Being out for blood, he did not care who got hurt in the process.

(to be) out for blood - Examples:

1)  The home side were out for blood having suffered a crushing defeat to Laois the year before, and they exacted their revenge ...

2)  ... saw him chase an employee around a conference room table like he was out for blood.

3)  ... realised there were no guns later but the mob looked like they were out for blood. We saw her uncle dragging her out. He said she is the sacrifice ...

4)  The mob was out for blood, demanding Heard withdraw her allegations, ...

5)  Cersei, as one might expect, is out for blood following her Walk of Shame at the hands of the High Sparrow.

6)  ... were generally on the same page, and that page was out for blood. They hated so many things, and they strangely hated the same things.

7)  Although this kind of gang of politicians out for blood, negative campaign is somewhat unusual for politics, ...

8)  ... hash out in an interview, especially when they know those interviewers are out for blood.

9)  Some parents may be out for blood in the initial complaint but coming in too hard too early can do more harm ...

10)  In the ring, though, he's a monster. He's out for blood, obsessed with knocking your head off. 

11)  ... and they are out for blood at this national contest to see just who has the best. 

12)  ... and we shut ourselves out of the public debate. The media was out for blood over our fundraising practices. But did we stand up for ourselves?

13)  ... subjected to abusive and improper procedures by internal affairs officers and prosecutors out for blood.

14)  The second job was fully declared at the time but Labour is out for blood. The opposition wants a full inquiry into whether Shapps broke parliamentary rules, ...

15)  The military, police, senators are all out for blood. The only thing that will satisfy them is for the perpetrators to be tried ...

16)  ... not out for blood but talks of his former partner with exasperation and affection mixed equally. 

17)  ... was badly damaged by the lawsuit and other publicity and now he's out for blood.

18)  ... storied legal hero working for free against an array of top-dollar industry lawyers out for blood.

19)  ... succeeds at making people believe that the teachers are radicals, out for blood and not thinking of the children.

20)  ... explain the 48 charges against him as the result of an investigatory team out for blood and accusers who willingly played along in hopes of securing a big payday.