(to be) out of line

Idiom Definition

"to be out of line"

to behave or speak improperly or inappropriately

Idiom Definition - to be out of line


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be out of line

Brody has been having some behavior issues lately. He seems to be having trouble with the authority figures in his life. One day in Brody's high school math class, Brody has a confrontation with his teacher ...

Teacher:  Brody, are you paying attention?  Do you have an answer?

Brody:  What's the point?  This class is stupid and you are stupid.

Teacher:  Young man, you are out of line.  Please report to the principal's office!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be out of line

The cost of living has been rising by more than two percent for the last five years.  Wages have only risen by a total of two percent in the same five years.

Do you think that the average wage is out of line with the increase in living expenses? 

to be out of line - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,498   click for frequency by country

to be out of line - Gerund Form:

Being out of line may cause trouble.

to be out of line - Examples:

1)  I am out of line when I insult strangers.

2)  You are out of line when you comment on your friend's relationship.

3)  He is out of line when he makes lewd gestures in public.

4)  She is out of line when she spends more money than she earns.

5)  The police force is out of line when it abuses its power.

6)  We are out of line when we argue with the referee.

7)  You (all) are out of line when you (all) tease less fortunate people.

8)  They are out of line when they make sexual advances to coworkers.

9)  The cost of living in America is way out of line with middle class salaries and the result is death, sickness and depression.

10)  Obviously threats of any kind are completely out of line and death threats are unconscionable.

11)  The cops were out of line and should be punished.

12)  Student loans today are ridiculously way out of line and expensive not only for the students but for parents too.

13)  Forcing a change of behaviour simply is out of line and will not work.

14)  If the prices are out of line, I will just go elsewhere.

15)  I think some of you people are way out of line in your bashing of this car and seller.

16)  I hope that my comment was not out of line.

17)  It's such a despondent feeling to be told that you're out of line for caring for someone.

18)  Actually, you're right. I was a bit out of line there. Terribly sorry for that.

19)  That's insulting and entirely out of line

20)  They have complete say over their clientele and when the client steps out of line it is the client that is blacklisted.