(to be) out of shape

Idiom Definition

"to be out of shape"

to not be in good physical condition usually due to lack of exercise and poor eating habits;

to be overweight;

to be out of condition

Idiom Definition - to be out of shape


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be out of shape

Martha arrived at work this morning to discover that the elevators were not working.  As a result, Martha had to climb the ten flights of stairs to her office.  When Martha arrived on the fifth floor, she had to stop to take a break because she was breathing heavily, her heart was beating very fast and her legs felt weak.  By the time Martha arrived at her office, she was red in the face and perspiring.

Would you say that Martha is out of shape?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be out of shape

It is Sam's big day.  The marathon that he has been training for all year is today.  Sam's weight is perfect.  He feels great as he lines up on the starting line for the big race.  Three hours later, Sam has finished running the marathon and feels fantastic.

Would you say that Sam is out of shape?

to be out of shape - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   215   click for frequency by country

to be out of shape - Gerund Form:

Being out of shape can cause health problems.

to be out of shape - Examples:

1)  I am out of shape if I can not touch my toes.

2)  You are out of shape if you can not climb a flight of stairs without breathing hard.

3)  He is out of shape because he spent the winter on the couch.

4)  She is out of shape after recovering from an illness.

5)  We are out of shape after the off-season.

6)  You (all) are out of shape because you eat at fast food restaurants too often.

7)  They are out of shape because of a lack of physical exercise.

8)  One thing I don't understand. How can one man be out of shape when he played 101 games last season?

9)  I was told that I was lazy and out of shape.

10)  Pineda did not appear noticeably out of shape and sounded in good spirits.

11)  Our faces hurt because the muscles that help us laugh are out of shape

12)  It checks and repairs itself. Keeps your brain from getting out of shape by learning how to install a home partition.

13)  He may have been fat and out of shape, but he was definitely not washed up.

14)  As Northern Americans we are way too lazy, out of shape and fat, we love to tell the world how they should live.

15)  In contrast to out of shape hikers, physically fit hikers enjoy the scenery more.

16) Kids today are more likely to be sedentary, out of shape, and less able to muster the energy to even push the pedals. 

17)  I have allowed myself to get out of shape -- again!

18)  Those with high cholesterol are also more likely to smoke, be out of shape, have high blood pressure, and be fat.

19)  How long did it take us to get out of shape? I know we can all agree it was longer than 4 days.

20)  He showed up to camp out of shape and famously failed his conditioning test.