out of the blue

Idiom Definition

"out of the blue"

suddenly and unexpectedly

Idiom Definition - out of the blue


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - out of the blue

A husband and wife are talking ...

Husband:  It's OK when your mother comes to visit.  It would be nice if she gave us some notice.

Wife: My mother didn't tell me that she was coming to visit.

Husband:  You mean that she arrived out of the blue?

Wife:  Yes.  I did not expect her.  She didn't mention anything to me.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - out of the blue

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  You'll never guess who stopped by my apartment yesterday. Do you remember Joe?

Friend 1:  Sure.  He went off on a world adventure last year.

Friend 2:  Well, he came to visit me out of the blue.

Friend 1:  No warning? No postcard?  He just arrived?

Friend 2:  Just like that!

Idiom Scenario 3

Idiom Definition - out of the blue

Two computer programmers are talking ...

Programmer 1:  Have you found a solution to that tricky problem you've been working on for months?

Programmer 2:  In fact, I have.  I was driving to work the other day humming to the radio and the solution just came to me out of the blue.

Programmer 1:  You've got to like it when that happens.

Idiom Scenario 4

Idiom Definition - out of the blue

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I haven't seen you for a while.  How have you been?

Friend 2:  OK.  Although recently I have started suffering from migraine headaches.

Friend 1:  That's terrible.  What happened?

Friend 2:  There was nothing new in my life.  I hadn't changed anything. The migraines just started out of the blue.

Idiom Scenario 5

Idiom Definition - out of the blue

Two friend are talking ...

Friend 1:  Have you found a job yet?

Friend 2:  Yes, I have, thank you?

Friend 1:  Tell me about it.

Friend 2:  Well, as you know, I had been looking for a job for almost a year.  I had begun to despair that I wouldn't find a job when, out of the blue, a recruitment agency gave me a call to set up an interview.  I got the job!

Idiom Scenario 6

Idiom Definition - out of the blue

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Are you going to go to Canada again this year?

Friend 2:  I was planning to but ...

Friend 1:  What happened?

Friend 2:  I was planning my trip when, out of the blue, the Canadian government announced that Visas would be required for all travellers.

Friend 1:  No warning, no notice?

Friend 2:  None!

out of the blue - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   3,922   click for frequency by country

out of the blue - Gerund Form:

Discovering out of the blue that you will be laid off next week is a shock.

out of the blue - Examples:

1)  Ipswich came to me out of the blue and brought me back into management.

2)  My car just, out of the blue, stopped running .  I don't know why.

3)  Out of the blue, he received a reclassification notice; his new job was cleaning latrines.

4)  Out of the blue appeared a steamer with huge loudspeakers mounted on its decks.

5)  An idea had come to him like a bolt out of the blue.

6)  Then, out of the blue, the police came to the rescue.

7)  A few weeks later Linda called Sue out of the blue to say she and John were headed to New York.

8)  It just stopped out of the blue, I don't know why.

9)  And now, out of the blue, that phone call, and here she was.

10)  But Ryan's father does not accept defeat, and out of the blue, he s found a new ally.

11)  Sometimes they say something out of the blue that just puts you off-balance, that you don't know what to say.

12)  So one evening my older brother calls me out of the blue. I could tell that he was all excited about something.

13)  I guess you wouldn't find surprises out of the blue like this.

14)  Tiptree's real gender didn't quite came out of the blue; there had been doubts and queries for several years before she revealed herself.

15)  It is easy to acknowledge a surprise grand gesture offered out of the blue, but much harder to appreciate ordinary behavior performed routinely.

16)  Then he contacted me one day out of the blue on facebook.

17)  Sometimes it just hits out of the blue.

18)  A couple of years later, out of the blue, he called me up.

19)  Then one day out of the blue she told me she was an atheist and now barely speaks to me.

20)  This didn't just randomly happen out of the blue.