(to be) out of the loop

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - out of the loop

"(to be) out of the loop"

to not be part of a group that has knowledge of or involvement in something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - out of the loop

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  When are we launching our new product?

Colleague 2:  I have no idea. I am out of the loop on that one. Your guess is as good as mine.

Colleague 1:  So you haven't been working on that project?

Colleague 2:  Not at all. And I understand that there is some proprietary software involved so only those directly involved know what is going on.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - out of the loop

Two friends are talking at school Monday morning ...

Friend 1:  Did you hear what happened to Amy over the weekend?

Friend 2:  My family went to the cabin for the weekend and we don't have internet service there.

Friend 1:  So you are out of the loop?

Friend 2:  Totally ignorant. What happened with Amy?

(to be) out of the loop - Usage:


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(to be) out of the loop - Gerund Form:

Being out of the loop can make doing your job effectively nearly impossible.

(to be) out of the loop - Examples:

1)  ... in this column and in my public lectures, Africa is out of the loop: There is no single Sub-Saharan state involved in any of these energy research projects.

2)  ... rivals that the "cover up" claim has come. Left out of the loop and caught unawares by the DCD public announcement, smaller industry players had no time ...

3)  ... disappearing from contact and threatening to cut them out of the loop.

4)  ... removed from this email web, they're going to be penalized and out of the loop.

5)  Right now, he said, top brass are kept out of the loop

6)  1% demonstrate their prowess with data-driven analytics, the remaining 99% feel out of the loop and unable to contribute.

7)  ... of bringing people together to find a solution. He's rarely out of the loop on anything that is going on in the city.

8)  ... there will be no need for legislation, because governments will be out of the loop.

9)  ... machine that mimics the human brain, and eventually cutting the human out of the loop altogether.

10)  For those that are out of the loop, a podcast is a digital audio file that is available for downloads.

11)  ... conveniently chose to do in secret, choosing to keep the public out of the loop.

12)  However, the world's most populous country will still be out of the loop. China will have to still wait for its Netflix turn.

13)  So basically he's not out of the loop at all and just isn't allowed to talk about it.

14)  In contrast, working at home leaves you out of the loop -- bad for your emotional health, worse yet for your career prospects. 

15)  ... of information gathering options exists to make sure you never get left out of the loop.

16)  You best keep tabs on it, or remain hopelessly out of the loop.

17)  If kids aren't accessing technology, they're socially out of the loop, less confident using it and therefore less likely to ...

18)  ... wasn't kind of keeping in touch with things. I was out of the loop a bit. 

19)  We don't know any of those because we were out of the loop.

20)  Just click here and we'll make sure you're never out of the loop on all the news from your hometown.