over the hill

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - over the hill

"over the hill"

too old to be of much value


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - over the hill

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Don't you think Fred is a little over the hill to be selling trendy high-tech gadgets to a mostly younger generation?

Colleague 2: I don't know. Fred is only fifty years old. Perhaps it does seem a little incongruous but he is still the top-selling salesperson in the firm.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - over the hill

A grandfather and grandson are talking ...

Grandson: Come on Grandpa. Let's go snowboarding.

Grandfather: I think that I am a little over the hill for that.

Grandson: You are in great shape for your age. Give it a try.

Grandfather: It is a young man's sport. I would be too worried that I would break something.

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over the hill - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   296   click for frequency by country

over the hill - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for over the hill.

over the hill - Examples:

1)  Most folks thought I was a decent fellow, but over the hill with my best days behind me... and I guess I thought so too.

2)  ... smart comedy stars writer-director Radnor as a bookish 35-year-old worried he's already over the hill.

3)  At 41, Hendo is over the hill, low cardio, with a puncher's chance-a sure win for Jones. 

4)  Seymour I fear may be over the hill, but I have hope that he still does have something in the tank.

5)  Are you over the hill for Olympic sports? As we watch teenage Olympians fly through the air and ...

6)  I don't consider myself old, or over the hill, or anything like it, and I am well older than you.

7)  I was too old, I was over the hill, I was too aged it "get it."

8)  Or if you're over the hill and still want kids, what's more important -- complaining about your lower back ...

9)  Progressivism, is over 150 years old, and way over the hill - policy residue from the early nasty years of the early Industrial Revolution.

10)  "I may be over the hill," said Monson while laughing, "but don't count me out."

11)  Thierry isn't quite over the hill and still moves around the court as well as he ever did; 'cat-like'.

12)  ... begin at 45 or 55, when a passing joke labels you 'over the hill' or the moment you're passed over for promotion because you may not have ...

13)   "It's not like Amy and I are over the hill at 50," Matt says. "Amy and I both have a renewed ..."

14)  ... you are 86 and at that age, the rules say you're over the hill.

15)  It's not just warpaint. When the over the hill celebrities walk the carpet, they have on their little tabs that pull their skin ...

16)  Thirty five years later grown men, now fat, balding and distinctly over the hill (which of course I'm not -- grin) still come up to me ...

17)  ... by ludicrously young stylists who seem to think anyone older than 25 is over the hill

18)  On the one hand there's the idea that it means you're over the hill, on the other that numbers no longer matter: 50 is feisty, 60 ...

19)  ... convincing as an aging crime lord, too stubborn to admit he's over the hill, but he's never as threatening as we're supposed to believe he is ...

20)  ... have looked so pleased at beating an out of shape, overweight over the hill journeyman.