(to be) over the moon

Idiom Definition

"to be over the moon"

to be very excited

Idiom Definition - to be over the moon


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be over the moon

Two friends are watching their favorite sports team compete in the final game of the year ...

Man: One minute left in the game and our team is about to win.

Woman: I know! How very exciting.

The minute passes and the game is over and the two friend's favorite team has won the championship ...


They are over the moon!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be over the moon

A woman has been working on finishing next year's budget report for several weeks.

She has finally finished and sent the report to her boss.

She is over the moon.

to be over the moon - Usage:


To make to be over the moon stronger:

To be over the moon and back.

Usage Frequency Index:   1,686   click for frequency by country

to be over the moon - Gerund Form:

Being over the moon can be a great feeling.

to be over the moon - Examples:

1)  Equal parts, I am over the moon for his next adventure.

2)  It is with my aunt, over the moon was she that her son had found that his best friend was also his soul mate.

3)  There are a few righteous recipes that will be sure to send broccoli-loving boys and girls over the moon.

4)  That is something I would be over the moon crazy-happy to have achieved.

5)  The champagne was flowing -- everyone was just over the moon. They just couldn't believe it.

6)  We are over the moon with excitement.

7)  Oh, I was over the moon; I couldn't believe it!

8)  I'm elated, over the moon. " It's amazing to do something so rewarding.

9)  When i told him he was soooo over the moon. he's even rushing back to see me this weekend.

10)  It's great because I know Nick and Vanessa are just over the moon happy in love with him.

11)  Michael, I can more than understand your initial outrage and I'm over the moon that an understanding was reached that would get you to tell your side of the story.

12)  I just saw the hot air balloon festival and am over the moon happy about it!

13)  All I know is that Sally was over the moon about going to the Royal Ballet School.

14)  I would have been over the moon if this book included any forward yardage on the plot at all.

15)  My husband would be over the moon if I brought this kind of thing home.

16)  Though they're over the moon about being married, the expectant parents were in no initial rush to walk down the aisle.

17)  Peeta was over the moon on the inside, but he restrained himself.

18)  And at seven years of age, Ali Sargent was over the moon about having voted with her mother, Sandy.

19)  If I'm this excited for you, you must be over the moon!!

20)  I was over the moon with excitement for him and his team mates.