to paint the town

Idiom Definition

"to paint the town (red)"

to make merry, often with liquor, outside the home, often moving through many locations

Idiom Definition - to paint the town (red)


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to paint the town (red)

Two friends have visited three different bars so far ...

Friend 1:   Are you having fun?

Friend 2:  Am I ever!  This is a whole lot of fun.

Friend 1:  Do you like visiting many different bars?

Friend 2:  Absolutely.  I love painting the town red!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to paint the town (red)

Two students are talking after final exams ...

Student 1:  It sure is awesome that we have finished our finals.

Student 2:  We need to go out and celebrate.

Student 1:  I agree that we need to let loose and blow off a little steam.

Student 2:  Let's go out and paint the town.

Student 1:  Let's go!

to paint the town - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   199   click for frequency by country

to paint the town - Gerund Form:

Painting the town means that you are having a lot of fun.

to paint the town - Examples:

1)  It might not be the best idea to paint the town red the day before your course.

2)  We're going to paint the town red. We're going to go on a bar crawl.

3)  The forty-second Army Corps came in to paint the town.

4)  Zo is always there, ready and willing to get all gussied up and paint the town.

5)  On Thursday 27th September, Guinness and like-minded music fans will paint the town.

6)  She looks like she is going to paint the town red. I might let my teenage daughter go to a disco.

7)  With a cigar dangling from a side of your mouth and you're all set to paint the town red! 

8)  Yes we won the league again tonight. We'll paint the town.

9)  We'll meet Stout and Cheever in New York, and we can just paint the town, I tell you.

10)  I presume he's going out to paint the town red?

11)  People go out to have a happy time spending a lot of money, they paint the town red. 

12)  I got my promotion! Let's go out and paint the town red!

13) You could join me and my friends... we like to paint the town red. 

14)  Out west, fans in Calgary were painting the town red after victories over the Vancouver Canucks.

15)  In any case here's my cartoon depicting Franois Hollande painting the town red after his election victory.

16)  Party girl Kate Moss is regularly pictured painting the town red in the early hours. 

17)  It's Smirnoff's biggest event yet and they'll be painting the town red with a vodka-infused wonderland of cocktail bars.

18)  Looking forward to painting the town red with you on this side of the pond.

19)  These three looks are all about painting the town red. We girls love a night on the town.

20)  You have just broken up with your boyfriend and you see him painting the town red with another girl on his arm.