to pick (someone or something) to pieces

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - pick to pieces

"to pick (someone or something) to pieces"

to criticize someone or something harshly and often unfairly


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - pick to pieces

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How did you like the movie?

Friend 2:  The plot was a little thin.  The actors were really not that good.  The cinematography was below par and the ending was terrible.

Friend 1:  I was just looking for a simple "I didn't really like it." or "It was OK.", not that you should pick the movie to pieces.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - pick to pieces

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I wonder if you might do me a favor and take a look at this project I've been working on.

Colleague 2:  Sure. What sort of feedback are you looking for?

Colleague 1:  I'd like you to pick it to pieces. You won't offend me. I need to know everything that's wrong with it so that I can work to improve whatever you criticize.

to pick (someone or something) to pieces - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   42   click for frequency by country

to pick (someone or something) to pieces - Gerund Form:

Picking your husband to pieces is not going to promote a healthy relationship.

to pick (someone or something) to pieces - Examples:

1)  ... details to show how knowledgeable they are, these people start picking the car to pieces over a little crack in the bonding seam, or a slight discolouration where the ...

2)  Doctor Who has always had people picking its storylines to pieces and criticizing the episodes.

3)  ... is never without skeptics -- the people that challenge an idea and pick it to pieces. However, without them, concepts such as this would lack strength.

4)  ... choose to pick a bit of " respectable " journalism, and pick it to pieces in the most acerbic way you can.

5)  Maybe if you stopped being ready to pick everything about them to pieces and showed some love or understanding you might find a person who is quite wonderful ...

6)  ... to see the GOOD in everyone and everything FIRST, instead of picking it to pieces.

7)  Truth is not to be found by picking everything to pieces like a spoilt child.

8)  ... the prosecution is picking his case to pieces.

9)  We were all flawed and you could pick us all to pieces if you wanted to, but Smarty chose the opposite.

10)  ... we have a thousand meetings in which everyone tries to pick the concept to pieces.

11)  ... we get a debate or speech then it's picked to pieces by the media and we get often get a new result.

12)  His "direct action" on climate change has been picked to pieces by other media organizations but you won't see it ...

13)  The film is picked to pieces, discussing where scenes fall in a timeline and complaining of edits often.

14)  ... all options on the table and have each and every one of them picked to pieces well in advance.

15)  ... all TV can be picked to pieces for flaws in what would happen in real life.

16)  The service-level accord must be picked to pieces to sustain. Before the commencement or accord execution one should bear a having every ...

17)  ... progress drafts, which really are that, but then it gets picked to pieces (which is kind of fine anyway, as I like feedback and want to ...

18)  Jennie Pollock on her blog picks to pieces his contradictory thinking and asks whether those two views can be allowed to sit together ...

19)  Farmer has written a book as paradoxical as the Government testimony which he picks to pieces: He details one incident after another, meticulously documenting the lies that high ...

20)  ... have to do with Bible doctrine and moral conduct. Rather than "pick to pieces" our brethren in Christ, it is our privilege and duty to do everything ...