a piece of the pie

Idiom Definition

"a piece of the pie"

a share of something, usually involving money or earnings

Idiom Definition - a piece of the pie


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a piece of the pie

Two executives at a digital file sharing service company are talking ...

Executive 1:  Well, we've got to decide how we are going to divide the profits of this new venture.

Executive 2:  Let's make sure that the file providers themselves get some of the profit.

Executive 1:  Of course, the file providers will get their piece of the pie.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a piece of the pie

Two board members of a not-for-profit charity are talking ...

Board Member 1:  Have you heard that the government has announced the release of two hundred million dollars in grant money?

Board Member 2: I caught the end of news report as I was driving here.

Board Member 1:  We need to start writing grant proposals so that we can get our piece of the government pie.

Board Member 2:  Let's get right on it.

This Idiom - Usage:


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This Idiom - Gerund Form:

Getting your piece of the pie is only fair.

This Idiom - Examples:

1)  It just sounds like you want a piece of the pie that isn't yours to begin with.

2)  When will we get our piece of the pie? Maybe after a little longer, things will start to go right.

3)  That is only a small piece of the pie. And you can never have a truly effective online marketing campaign by only focusing on one demographic.

4)  Everyone thinks we should cut spending, but everyone who gets a piece of the pie thinks someone else should have their benefit cut.

5)  Turns out the adult collectors are a smaller piece of the pie than they thought, and kids are in fact the primary consumers of toys.

6)  And when Queenie said we all were going to get a smaller piece of the pie -- it should have sent everyone running for the exit door!

7)  They want a piece of the pie.

8)  Bottom line, the refs are part time and want a piece of the pie. They do not deserve the piece of the pie unless they work full time.

9)  In fact, Middle Eastern producers will have a much bigger piece of the pie than ever before.

10)  Write down what those steps are and conquer one piece of the pie at a time.

11)  I've long fought to get adult film stars a piece of the retail pie, and that's now possible with Red Hot Tweets.

12)  The chaos, commerce, push and shove to gain a piece of the economic pie of the new China rests with Mrs Zhang's garden and Way House.

13)  Watching these seven groups vie for a piece of the economic pie that will come from what can only be described as horrific crimes against humanity feels wrong.

14)  Similarly, those with disabilities vie for the small piece of the economic pie (funding) that is available for the groups.

15)  Inadequate transportation will undoubtedly reduce our piece of the global pie by thwarting our efforts to expand and diversify our trade.

16)  Taking the US nuclear for power generation is a pretty small piece of the global pie.

17)  Might as well stop grousing and get in line for my piece of the government pie.

18)  The firm's pool profits such that the remaining partner's piece of the proverbial pie does not get smaller.

19)  Specialty and pay-tv services eclipsed conventional broadcasting as the largest piece of the TV pie in 2010.

20)  Lenovo wants a piece of the smartphone pie and has confirmed that it's willing to spend the dough to get a taste of new technology.

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