to pig out

Idiom Definition

"to pig out"

to eat a great amount of food at one time

Idiom Definition - to pig out


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to pig out

Paul has been doing very well maintaining his diet.  Most of the time he can resist the temptation to eat junk food.  In fact, Paul's resolve is so strong that he has lost forty kilograms, but, every once in a while, Paul can not resist the temptation to eat his favorite junk food, donuts.  Every once in a while, Paul will fall off the diet wagon, buy a dozen donuts and ...

pig out until he eats them all.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to pig out

Stacey and Kim, two young girls, have been out collecting candy one Halloween night.  They have collected a great deal of candy.  The two girls have decided to go to Kim's house to admire all the candy they have collected.  As they admire their candy, of course they are eating some.  Both girls sort their candy into different types in order of their preferences.  When they have sorted out their favorites, they begin to eat a lot of candy until Kim's mother calls to the girls ...

"Don't you girls pig out on too much candy!"

If the girls pig out on candy, will they have stomachaches?

to pig out - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   375   click for frequency by country

to pig out - Gerund Form:

Pigging out can be a lot of fun but bad for your diet.

to pig out - Examples:

1)  I pig out when I eat a dozen donuts all at once.

2)  You pig out on a lot of food when you are depressed.

3)  He pigs out at Thanksgiving because he loves to eat turkey.

4)  She pigs out on ice cream after a stressful day.

5)  The dog pigs out on bones when you give it so many at one time.

6)  We pig out on pizza every Friday night because the local pizza restaurant has a two for one special.

7)  You (all) pig out on junk food when you (all) watch the football game.

8)  They pig out on shrimp when it is in season.

9)  Ever notice those days you pig out on McD's or takeout how you never feel good afterwards?

10)  I took it as a chance to pig out and try all kinds of things I would normally never get to try.

11)  I don't pig out but I have three healthy meals a day.

12)  Starve one day, then pig out the next! Is this the perfect diet?

13)  I don't get to pig out on meat that often.

14)  I would definitely go back although my advice would be not to pig out on too many starters as the real tastes lie in the main dishes.

15)  Are you ready for this media onslaught? Get a big bag of popcorn and pig out.

16)  I used my pregnancy as an excuse to pig out on everything I wouldn't usually allow myself to eat.

17)  I could pig out like the apocalypse was tomorrow but I still wouldn't gain weight.

18)  I like Anthony's, but I still like to pig out at McDonald's when I'm in the mood.

19)  Michele and Barack are both reported to pig out on junk food when they think no one is watching.

20)  Excuse me while I go pig out on some greasy fast food for solace.