to pinch pennies

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - pinch pennies

"to pinch pennies"

to be thrifty or miserly


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - pinch pennies

Two business partners are talking ...

Partner 1:  Business sure has been bad lately.

Partner 2:  We need to start pinching pennies if we are going to survive.

Partner 1:  OK. No more gourmet coffee. We can drink the regular stuff. And no expensive meals with clients at restaurants. We can take them to more reasonable places.

Partner 2:  Do you think that if we economize enough that we will survive.

Partner 1:  We can only do what we do and hope for the best.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - pinch pennies

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  For a rich guy, Julian sure is miserly. He never picks up the tab for meals but makes us all pay our share.

Friend 2:  How do you think he became rich?

Friend 1:  I suppose by pinching pennies.

to pinch pennies - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   78   click for frequency by country

to pinch pennies - Gerund Form:

Pinching pennies to survive is all to common among the poor.

to pinch pennies - Examples:

1)  ... an especially beneficial aspect during this challenging economy, as many Calgarians want to pinch pennies wherever possible.

2)  How can Ashley pinch pennies over the small details while demonstrating such epic complacency on the big-picture questions?

3)  They drive old cars and probably pinch pennies shopping at Costco. 

4)  ... are getting smaller, their income is going way down, they started to pinch pennies.

5)  Beck exhorted his employees to pinch pennies and said the company's debt was too high at $3 million.

6)  Unless trouble abroad convinces Americans to pinch pennies, the economic expansion is likely to continue.

7)  This jar is a big step toward teaching a kid what it means to pinch pennies and spend wisely.

8)  ... at 53, the Wealthy Barber doesn't have the same motivation to pinch pennies as he did when he was an unknown 27-year-old author.

9)  Customers trying to pinch pennies will be more inclined to try some of Dollarama's lower-priced food options.

10)  ... airlines began paring the flight experience to pinch pennies during the recession and other periods of economic strain.

11)  ... smart choices about big items in your budget, and don't obsess over pinching pennies. After all, if you're spending 50% of your take-home pay on rent ...

12)  ... in the same breath he talked about pinching pennies because of the crippling national debt.

13)  ... times are tough because everyone is pinching pennies where they can to survive.

14)  After two years of pinching pennies, we still weren't making a dent in our debt.

15)  Pinching pennies will result in big losses in brand reputation.

16)  But for those who are already pinching pennies, missed or late paychecks and denied account access can be disastrous.

17)  But if your wedding plans have got you pinching pennies then check out our edit below where we've rounded up some affordable alternatives ...

18)  Universities in Saskatchewan are going to be pinching pennies again after getting a one per cent funding increase from the province ...

19)  ... spent years pinching pennies so they would be comfortable in retirement. 

20)  ... have been hurt by stiffer competition for customers who are pinching pennies in a weak economic recovery.