to pitch a fit

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - pitch a fit

"to pitch a fit"

to become extremely angry often shouting a lot


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - pitch a fit

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  What's up with Stan? He seems pretty angry and upset. All that shouting is upsetting me.

Colleague 2:  He just found out that he lost a huge account.

Colleague 1:  And his reaction is to pitch a fit?  That does not seem very professional.

Colleague 2:  Stan has always been easy to anger.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - pitch a fit

Two parents are talking ...

Mother:  How was your shopping adventure with little Sammy?

Father:  Not the greatest. When I wouldn't buy him the toy he wanted, he lay down on the floor yelling, screaming and crying.

Mother:  I should have warned you that he is going through a phase of pitching fits when he gets upset.

to pitch a fit - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   78   click for frequency by country

to pitch a fit - Gerund Form:

Pitching a fit and yelling and screaming is not the best way to express your anger.

to pitch a fit - Examples:

1)  ... if we don't get our way, well, we might just pitch a fit.

2)  You don't need to be unkind. You don't need to pitch a fit.

3)  ... because the country wants a leader, not someone who is going to pitch a fit every time that they don't get their own way.

4)  ... you might want to tell them in advance, because they just might pitch a fit when they find a paperback instead of a shiny plastic toy. 

5)  ... for instance, would pitch a fit every time he experienced difficulties.

6)  ... was going to quit the show. We heard how the actor pitched a fit when water tankers were brought to film a rain sequence for the show.

7)  The passenger said Bernardez then pitched a fit and pulled out a gun from the foot well of the ...

8)  I did insist, I pitched a fit, and I did end up seeing my baby in hospital.

9)  ... and eventually pitched a fit and resigned from the selection committee.

10)  Mandana refused. She threw a tantrum. She pitched a fit. She almost stomped her feet and wailed.

11)  It was the reaction of a brat pitching a fit after being taunted in the playground.

12)  Saturday morning saw Jayne pitching a fit because some house-mates had not got up when the lights came on.

13)  ... indignation to excessive grandstanding. While it is alright to feel incensed, pitching a fit in front of the world would inevitably do us no good at all.

14)  The usual suspects are pitching a fit just at the idea of it. Class warfare they call it.

15)  That led to more chaos, with the aspirants pitching a fit. Things could have gone out of hand, ...

16)  ... just says "no" and see how she reacts. If she pitches a fit over it, the answer is clear.

17)  ... pitches a fit and rips the set apart.

18)  Choosy about food If your child pitches a fit when you feed him/her spinach and insists on having fried potatoes for breakfast, ...

19)  ... showy and short-tempered, and a ton of fun to watch when he pitches a fit.

20)  ... is if the child gets mad, rebels, misbehaves, or pitches a fit, or something of that order.