(to be) plain as day

Idiom Definition

"to be plain as day"

to be very clear or obvious

Idiom Definition - to be plain as day


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be plain as day

Victor and Bruce are out test driving the race car they have been working on. The car is not running well. The two teenage boys stop the car. They raise the hood and are looking in the engine compartment for the cause of the trouble ...

Victor:  What do you suppose the problem is?

Bruce:   I'm not sure, but let's have a look.

Victor:  Look, there is a loose spark plug wire, plain as day.

Bruce:   Oh ya.  It is clearly the problem.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be plain as day

Nancy and Patricia are talking over coffee. They are talking about Nancy's husband, Michael ...

Patricia:   What's wrong, Nancy?

Nancy:      It's Michael.  He's been acting strange for a couple of months.

Patricia:    What do you mean?

Nancy:      He says he has been working late many nights but when I phone his work, he is not there.  We have not made love in months and I found a lipstick stain on the collar of his shirt.

Patricia:    I hate to say this but the truth seems as plain as day.  Michael is having an affair?

to be plain as day - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   171   click for frequency by country

to be plain as day - Gerund Form:

Being plain as day means that something is easy to see or understand.

to be plain as day - Examples:

1)  The problem is plain as day when you look at it clearly.

2)  The solution to the problem had been as plain as day until someone changed the problem.

3)  The reason for his poor behavior will be plain as day when we receive the full story tomorrow.

4)  After spending countless years in the music industry, it was plain as day who would be a successful artist/musician and who would disappear quickly into obscurity.

5)  There it was in front of me as plain as day... the secret to becoming organized, efficient, and to getting more done.

6)  There it was, as plain as day, in bright neon orange lettering, Top Dry Cleaners NYC.

7)  Sometimes she's there in the network, as plain as day, and then suddenly she's not.

8)  Looking back over that blog, I can see it plain as day.

9)  The stitches aren't distorted by the action of knitting them and therefore it is plain as day whether or not they are picked up properly and uniformly.

10)  Their feigned ignorance is a cover-up as plain as day.

11)  It is just as plain as day.

12)  They create a false hope rather than a real trend. And it's plain as day that that's the truth.

13)  My takeaway from the experience is probably something that's as plain as day for everyone else working at Acumen. If Adam Smith could wander modern Chinatown, he'd have seen it plain as day.

14)  Watson came -- but only because he had heard Bell on the receiver, plain as day.

15) It was all right there, plain as day

16)  It's plain as day that Jennifer has a narcissistic behavior.

17)  Most times, it'll be plain as day that the excessive time spent together is at the core of the discontentment.

18) It's subtle initially but plain as day once you see it. 

19)  The list is shown plain as day.

20)  My usual stoic mask has shattered, and my emotions are showing as plain as day to her.