plain sailing

Idiom Definition

"plain sailing"

smooth and easy, trouble-free progress with an activity or plan;

easy to do or achieve

Idiom Definition - plain sailing


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - plain sailing

Two businesswomen are talking ...

Freda: That was a huge effort we made to connect all the players and get them to sit down at the same table.

Barbara: Yes it was! It took us three months of solid work.

Freda: Everyone looked impressed by the proposal. I think they'll all sign the contract.

Barbara: With most of our work finished, it looks like plain sailing for us.

Freda: I agree. We just need that contract signed.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - plain sailing

Two sailors are talking about their journey ...

Juan: Wow, that sure was an awesome trip.

Marco: I'm not sure I really appreciated all the storms. It was a little frightening at times.

Juan: We can see our journey's end from here. The sun is shining and the seas are calm. Looks like plain sailing now.

Marco: Thank goodness!

plain sailing - Usage:


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plain sailing - Gerund Form:

Plain sailing definitely makes projects easier to handle.

plain sailing - Examples:

1)  That's not to say it's all plain sailing if course, but any arguments and disputes are sorted out very swiftly.

2)  So far all has been plain sailing, but our course begins to be so tortuous when we descend into minuter detail.

3)  It wasn't all plain sailing though; McVey organised an event that failed miserably.

4)  However it has been far from plain sailing with one fiasco after another.

5)  Once you have two or three straight rows clicked together it's usually plain sailing after that.

6)  That is the wonderful thing about a democracy but unfortunately it is never plain sailing.

7)  I fed her for 11 months but it was rarely plain sailing! Mind you she had terrible reflux and needed gaviscon.

8)  However, it wasn't all plain sailing from then on. Several accommodation hurdles had to be cleared first.

9)  But all wasn't plain sailing on Francis Ford Coppola's film in 1972. 

10)  I don't suppose it will be plain sailing, but it's a journey that is well worth taking.

11)  But it wasn't all plain sailing. There were many techniques that just didn't work.

12)  It wasn't all plain sailing though: some locals fought back. 

13)  But it's not all been plain sailing for McIntyre. He recently suffered an unfortunate injury on stage.

14)  It was not all plain sailing and I still had bad times, which is where the therapist comes in.

15)  It may sound as if the writing was plain sailing once I had decided on the genre, but this certainly wasn't the case.

16)  It hasn't been plain sailing though, I believe I have had an underactive thyroid since puberty.

17)  But all was not plain sailing; there were prejudices to be broken down.

18)  His parliamentary career was far from being plain sailing and he made a number of spectacular blunders.

19)  It's not been plain sailing, there's been bumps in the road, growing pains and challenges.

20)  I can't say that it's been all plain sailing, but it's definitely something that has stuck.