to play hooky

Idiom Definition

"to play hooky"

to not attend (without notice or excuse) school when it is compulsory to attend school

Idiom Definition - to play hooky


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to play hooky

One Friday morning, Johnny's friend Stan stops by Johnny's house on the way to school to pick Johnny up for school.  It is a beautiful spring day.  It is warm and the sun is shining.  Stan asks Johnny if he really wants to go to school.  Johnny replies...

"Not really.  Let's play hooky today."

Even though both boys will get into trouble from their parents and the school authorities, the wonderful spring day is too much of a temptation.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to play hooky

Two coworkers are talking at the end of the workday.  One worker tells the other that the boss will not be in the office the next day.  The worker also says that it is supposed to be a perfect day for golf.  They look at each other with knowing smiles and say at the same time...

"Let´s play hooky tomorrow and go golfing."

to play hooky - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   146   click for frequency by country

to play hooky - Gerund Form:

Playing hooky can be a lot of fun.

to play hooky - Examples:

1)  I play hooky when I feel lazy.

2)  You play hooky if the boss is away.

3)  He plays hooky when school is too boring.

4)  She plays hooky when she thinks there is no consequences.

5)  We play hooky when we do not want to go to practice.

6)  You (all) play hooky when you (all) need to study instead.

7)  They play hooky when the weather is nice.

8)  Create classic memories. Play hooky from holiday prep for the day and go ice-skating or frolic in the snow.

9)   Play hooky. Call in sick, stay in bed and start the week off right.

10) Letting yourself play hooky from the " main event " means you might even bump into the perfect person 

11) My mom let me play hooky from school. 

12) Some play hooky or skip school to prove they really don't want to be there. 

13)  I had decided to play hooky just this once from my classes to hang out with her.

14)  We used to play hooky instead of attending Sunday Mass at the Arboretum when the weather was nice.

15)  If you play hooky with him, make sure you don't get into trouble.

16)  I think it would definitely be rewarding to play hooky with her.

17)  Teachers play hooky as life becomes unbearable in school compounds.

18)  I told him I didn't send my daughter out that morning to play hooky. I sent her to school.

19)  My mother was always trying to feminize me, but I would play hooky if she forced me to wear a dress to school.

20)  Some people play hooky from work to golf.