to plug away

Idiom Definition

"to plug away"

to work in a determined manner to finish something;

to complete a large task by finishing many smaller tasks consecutively

Idiom Definition - to plug away


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to plug away

It is Monday morning.  The boss has given you until Friday to create three new ideas that will speed up production in the factory where you work.  You are going to be under the gun all week until you finish the work.  You need to ...

keep plugging away

until the work is finished.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to plug away

Bill's Used Cars had a great year of business.  Bill sold many cars and bought many more.  At the end of the year Bill's accountant, Fred, informed Bill that it was that time of the year again when he must take inventory of all the cars and tools and office equipment and supplies that Bill's Used Cars has.  Bill really does not like to take stock but he knows that if he ...

plugs away at it,

he will eventually finish the task.

to plug away - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   654   click for frequency by country

to plug away - Gerund Form:

Plugging way at a large task can be an effective way to complete the task.

to plug away - Examples:

1)  I plug away at a writing a big term paper until it is finished.

2)  You plug away at the housework in order to have a clean house.

3)  He plugs away at the crossword puzzle until he finishes it all.

4)  She plugs away at work even though she does not like her work very much.

5)  The squirrel plugs away at moving all the nuts to its nest.

6)  We plug away at weeding the garden until all the weeds are gone.

7)  You (all) plug away at painting the house whenever the sun is shining.

8)  They plug away at renovating their entire house until it is finished.

9)  No matter the ups and down the team kept plugging away and they made the season a success when no one expected it. 

10)  I spent 12 months on my first ever site, diligently plugging away until I smashed a big keyword.

11) The rest of us will keep plugging away at our real jobs. 

12)  It could just be a marketing problem -- after years of plugging away at your art with a miniscule audience, you wonder why you bother.

13)  Just like other professionals, the best ones are often just plugging away, too busy getting results to worry about their presence on message boards.

14) He keeps plugging away, every day, calling radio stations and producers. 

15)  Just remember the millions plugging away to do the right things for the future.

16)  She was nervous to start but dove in and plugged away.

17)  During his exploration of this new photographic technique, he plugged away capturing some of Frodsham Marshes unusual visitors.

18)  I stuck it in the granny gear at the bottom and just plugged away.

19)  I think I was close to the back of the pack after 200m but I plugged away and finally made contact with the back of the front pack.

20)  Anyway I plugged away and ended up with a degree certificate I wouldn't even use in the lavatory.