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Idiom Definition - potluck


1) a situation or circumstance in which the outcome is uncertain but where one takes a chance in the hopes of achieving a fortunate or beneficial end result

2) an informal meal where guests bring a different dish that is then shared with the other guests


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - potluck

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I've got to leave right now. One of our customers in Chicago is having an emergency.

Colleague 2: Have you booked an airline flight?

Colleague 1: No time. I am just going to head for the airport and take pot luck on a flight. Hopefully, there will be a flight leaving for Chicago soon.

Colleague 2: Good luck. I hope it all works out for you.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - potluck

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: What are you taking to the potluck dinner at the church tonight?

Friend 2: I usually make my favorite spicy meatballs but I think I will take a dessert this time.

Friend 1: Good idea. There were very few desserts at the last potluck.

Friend 2: That is part of the charm of a potluck. You never know what people will bring.

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potluck - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   897   click for frequency by country

potluck - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for potluck.

potluck - Examples:

1)  ... horrible storms here, and the neighbors text each other and we have power outage neighborhood potluck BBQs. Wine, BBQ, beer, any kind of salad, all the ...

2)  You can hold a type of potluck where your closest family and friends can prepare and bring dishes that you request.

3)  This cake is also excellent for when you need a speedy take-with dish to a potluck or after-work celebration.

4)  Ladies, make sure you bring a lot of food to the "potluck", or you won't have anything to appear to eat.

5)  I am forced to wonder about the list of food for the potluck. Doesn't a potluck by definition mean that you just show up with a dish?

6)  A social evening with the brethren involved a potluck meal consisting of dishes with names including the words "surprise" and "delight".

7)  ... a good feeder and a good sleeper, who knows it all a bit of pot luck isn't it?

8)  ... come off the production line. That would be such a better experience rather than pot luck checking the site all the time.

9)  It was a case of trial and error, no more than pot luck most of the time, the facial animations didn't help at all.

10)  It's pot luck whether you get arrested or not, and that is a terrifying prospect for ...

11)  Scientific discovery, as you'll know, is based on pot luck and perspiration.

12)  ... to buy tickets as you go without pre-booking, if you're prepared to take pot luck

13)  Unless you have lots of time and can afford to take pot luck when you get to Moscow, you'll probably want to book your trains ...

14)  Everyone is invited to bring pot luck dessert to share and it is served during intermission and after the show.

15)  In the case of a pot luck type dinner, there would be an expectation of a group effort.

16)  A good half-step to hosting a dinner party is to start a regular potluck with your friends.

17)  We'd also like to have a potluck where everybody brings something that's gluten-free. 

18)  ... know that with any change that occurs in our lives and it is pretty much pot luck how any baby will turn out.

19)  Ms Gillard lies as easily as she breaths; ask her a question and take pot luck on whether her reply will contain a word of truth.

20)  Or you could opt to do pot luck dinners with friends so no one has to cater for everyone at anytime.