pound of flesh

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Idiom Definition - pound of flesh

"pound of flesh"

the payment of a debt which causes pain, suffering or hardship to the debtor


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - pound of flesh

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I can't believe that the boss gave you Friday off. What did he demand for his pound of flesh?

Colleague 2: I have to work late every day for the next two weeks.

Colleague 1: That is a steep price to pay.

Colleague 2: What could I have done? I was desperate to get the day off to accompany my mother to the hospital.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - pound of flesh

A couple are talking ...

Wife: The bank sent a notice that they are going to foreclose on our mortgage and take possession of our house. The letter arrived in the mail today.

Husband: It is sad but we had to expect this. We are three months behind on our payments and the bank was going to take their pound of flesh eventually.

Wife: We are in serious trouble. Where are we going to live?

Husband: I am sure the bank doesn't care.

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pound of flesh - Usage:


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pound of flesh - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for pound of flesh.

pound of flesh - Examples:

1)  Look I don't mean to be rude. I just want my pound of flesh which is what I get under the contract. 

2)  ... acknowledged aloud that he believes "the universe" is balancing out. Taking its pound of flesh from him because of his own misdeeds.

3)  We feel like chumps for not getting our pound of flesh from the other guy.

4)  Coburn is sure that a pound of flesh can be seized from the rich by ending deductions.

5)  ... more money, claims that the taxpayers are too stingy, and so exacts its pound of flesh in the most painful way possible to punish the taxpayers. 

6)  He doesn't like to be challenged and he would exact his pound of flesh........ he's just plain evil.

7)  This integration likely helped convince local business owners to pay their pound of flesh to Yelp with the expectation that millions of future iPhone 5 purchasers would ...

8)  Your flesh wants its own pound of flesh. You want to make the other person pay.

9)  Just because I didn't pay your 'pound of flesh' price for first class doesn't mean I should be treated like ...

10)  ... billion worth of tax revenue disappear from the government coffers. They will have their pound of flesh one way or another.

11)  ... and their trouble with environmentalists determined to extract their pound of flesh from this chicken growing operation. 

12)  ... charging usurious interest for lending money and even demanding a pound of flesh.

13)  He must not take anything other than a full apology and a pound of flesh plus treasure for this atrocity. 

14)  The primary directive of a corporation is to extract their pound of flesh from their "human resources" at hand in the most cost-effective way.

15)  So you are half-right in that they will ultimately get their pound of flesh. But that does not mean they will make another loan.

16)  When miners are making money, governments are going to want a bigger pound of flesh. It can happen anywhere.

17)  ... not stop until they have stripped the poor and the middle classes of the last pound of flesh available.

18)  But how come it is the Palestinians who have to give the pound of flesh for creating the Jewish state?

19)  By nature, we demand from others justice, our rights, our 'pound of flesh' but, for ourselves, we beg to be excused and shown mercy.

20)  ... the sentencing, it is to be expected that those cheated will want the proverbial pound of flesh, in this case lock them up.