to preach to the choir

Idiom Definition

"to preach to the choir"

to lecture or tell people something that they already know, understand, agree with or believe in

Idiom Definition - to preach to the choir


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to preach to the choir

Two friends are sitting in front of a computer ...

Friend 1: Looks like you're having some trouble with your computer.

Friend 2: I think my computer has a virus.

Friend 1: That sucks! You know, you really should install a good anti-virus program and keep it updated regularly. I can't stress the importance of being vigilant against viruses. You should also install very good anti-malware software ...

Friend 2: You are preaching to the choir, my friend. I installed those programs and am vigilant with updating and scanning. I have lost a lot of data in the past. I know exactly what you're talking about.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to preach to the choir

A meeting of safety engineers is being held ...

Safety Manager: Thanks for coming everyone. Remember safety is always first. Be ever vigilant for issues that could cause accidents. Remember to remind workers on the floor of safety. Your manuals have all the details. Accidents cause lost production. Accidents cost money ...

One of the Safety Supervisors raises her hand.

Safety Manager: Yes?

Safety Supervisor: Sorry to interrupt but haven't we gone over this many many times?

Safety Manager: Yes, we have. I suppose that I am preaching to the choir as you are all very knowledgeable and the safety record of this factory is the best of all our factories. I just like to be thorough.

to preach to the choir - Usage:


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to preach to the choir - Gerund Form:

Preaching to the choir can be considered a waste of time.

to preach to the choir - Examples:

1)  He can no longer afford to act homophilously (preach to the choir) and expect to increase his coalition's vote.

2)   So be careful. Don't just preach to the choir -- branch out from your circle of friends.

3)  And of course he gets the crowd to cheer - people always preach to the choir at these conventions.

4)  When you preach to the choir, you're presenting your ideas to those who already believe you.

5) We didn't want the film to just preach to the choir

6)  Both of those ads preach to the choir and neither forwards any real examination of the issues.

7) We should make it every chance we get, not only to preach to the choir, but to change the narrative for the generations who will come after us. 

8)  But in the primaries, the candidates' task is to preach to the choir and, maybe, give them a new and better song to sing.

9)  This is not the time to preach to the choir, but to go out to seek the unconvinced!

10)  Anyway no more reason to preach to the choir but thanks again for putting these thoughts into words!

11)  I doubt it does much aside from preach to the choir and make like minded individuals feel superior in intellect and opinion.

12)  Progressives don't need to preach to the choir. They need to change the minds of the nation and world.

13)  Attacking your adversaries might be useful in a debate or when you preach to the choir, but it's counter-productive when you need to gain consensus.

14)  I love your blog. But do you want to preach to the choir or do you want to help everyone understand the universe?

15)  Dawkins doesn't just preach to the choir. He's changed many, many minds as his Converts Corner illustrates.

16)  We don't pull punches at CFI and we don't just preach to the choir either. We hold nothing sacred. Everything must be examined and defended.

17)  And be sure to spread your message -- don't just preach to the choir, but help engage new folks in healthy eating and local food awareness.

18)  Our politicians preach to the choir. They surround themselves with people who adore them.

19)  It's not enough to preach to the choir. We should form local picketing groups in front of NBC affiliates.

20)  They only preach to the choir