(to be) pressed for time

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - pressed for time

"(to be) pressed for time"

in a hurry;

under time pressure


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - pressed for time

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Could you give me a hand with this please?

Colleague 2:  Please make it quick. I am a little pressed for time. My plane leaves in an hour.

Colleague 1:  Sure. I just need five minutes.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - pressed for time

Two parents are talking ...

Mother:  Would you please pick Sarah up from soccer practice at five-thirty?

Father:  Why?

Mother:  I have a volunteer thing at Sarah's school until five and traffic at that time of day is terrible. And if the volunteer thing runs late, I will be really pressed for time.

Father:  OK. I'll pick her up.

Mother:  Thanks.

(to be) pressed for time - Usage:


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(to be) pressed for time - Gerund Form:

Being pressed for time, he did not have the opportunity to shave that morning.

(to be) pressed for time - Examples:

1)  ... an order management analyst, reaches for instant noodles when she is pressed for time.

2)  Its standard programme is only a one-day course, so those pressed for time can also sign up.

3)  ... said the lengthy stop was because buses had previously always been pressed for time and running late as the drivers ...

4)  ... tells me later that he's felt pressed for time with the condensed schedule of this class, having only eight weeks to ...

5)  In case you're pressed for time I'll offer you this brief summary.

6)  With only a half-hour with each candidate, he was pressed for time and forced to rush through topics.

7)  ... would you exercise really hard for one minute or moderately for 45 minutes? Pressed for time, you probably picked the first option.

8)  The House is pressed for time to clear crucial business before heading for a month-long recess, hence the ...

9)  The convenience of single servings is also incredibly appealing for singles pressed for time.

10)  They are well on track. We are not pressed for time on this issue.

11)  I inquired if she could call my queue number ASAP, as I was pressed for time.

12)  Though I've been advised by the doctor to rest, we are pressed for time and have a tight schedule to follow.

13)  Marinate chicken with the mixture overnight or for at least one hour if pressed for time.

14)  ... on products they need, quickly and efficiently. Today users are often hard pressed for time as they try to juggle personal and professional responsibilities.

15)  ... a double batch and then freeze a portion for a week-night meal when I am pressed for time.

16)  Single working moms, who are often pressed for time and money, may have to worry about their heart health, ...

17)  Unfortunately, he was pressed for time as they had a hectic schedule.

18)  Home stores are a blessing for those who are pressed for time and want ready-made stuff for their homes. 

19)  We are so pressed for time that we are not taking the time to help people.

20)  Professors pressed for time, can't spend too long grading complicated assignments.