to pull a fast one

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - pull a fast one

"to pull a fast one"

to deceive or trick


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - pull a fast one

Two parents are talking ...

Mother:  Didn't Susan tell us she was going to study at Tina's?

Father:  Yes.  Why?

Mother:  I just called Tina's mother and she told me she hasn't seen the girls.

Father:  Then I guess Susan is pulling a fast one on us.  My guess is that she is at the mall.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - pull a fast one

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I got a sales call from a new cell phone company. They told me I could get unlimited long-distance calling.

Friend 2:  Just be careful because there is a trick. The long-distance only applies after six p.m.

Friend 1:  I hate it when companies try to pull a fast one.

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"to pull a fast one"

Sunday Fun Idiom - pull a fast one

to pull a fast one - Usage:


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to pull a fast one - Gerund Form:

Pulling a fast one on your boss means you will always have to worry that your deception will be discovered.

to pull a fast one - Examples:

1)  ... know if my real estate agent was bad at math, or just trying to pull a fast one.

2)  So you got the reputation right off the bat and then tried to pull a fast one in their mind by not paying off properly.

3)  ... but sadly, his attempt to pull a fast one was so obvious that it was easy to spot.

4)  ... each other and against previous projects and it's clear that nobody is trying to pull a fast one and overprice the work. 

5)  If the seller is simply trying to avoid eBay fees, rather than trying to pull a fast one, then that's something between you ...

6)  It appears that an editor or producer at ABC felt they could pull a fast one on the audience and used some B-roll in the report showing the ...

7)  Don't try and pull a fast one by sneaking in a few extra buddies into movie night, because ...

8)  ... but he's 100% at fault. Don't let this dude pull a fast one on you. There is no way this accident was your fault ...

9)  The Obama White House again trying to pull a fast one. What a bunch of lying phonies.

10)  I do worry Sprint may pull a fast one on us and switch the unlimited data plans once LTE is a ...

11)  This is just another case of political and other "authorities" pulling a fast one on the unsuspecting public with that "trust us we're experts ...

12)  They also tried pulling a fast one on the entire UN, by fibbing to officials that the contact ...

13)  We weren't pulling a fast one, trying to work the system, he was in genuine debt ...

14)  If HMRC suspect you are pulling a fast one, they will call you in.

15)  Could the Nolan boys even be pulling a fast one on us by using it as a way of hiding the return ...

16)  ... that everyone was going to be on the same flight. But the Monster Truckers pulled a fast one on everyone and took off for Hong Kong to find a quicker ...

17)  An entire nation should be ashamed of themselves because one cyclist allegedly pulled a fast one?

18)  ... disagreed but because they felt cheated. These two had gone behind their backs and pulled a fast one.

19)  ... after the latter allegedly pulled a fast one on her colleagues when she ordered the issuance of a "fake ...

20)  The leftists controlling the broadcast media think they have pulled a fast one but Americans are not easily fooled.