to pull someone's leg

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - pull someone's leg

"to pull someone's leg"

to tell someone something that is not true as a way of joking;

to tease or deceive


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - pull someone's leg

One roommate is just arriving home ...

Roommate 1:  Did you lend your car to someone?

Roommate 2:  No.  Why?

Roommate 1:  It's not parked outside.

Roommate 2:  I don't believe you.  You're pulling my leg.

Roommate 1:  No.  No joke.  I think your car was stolen.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - pull someone's leg

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I can't believe that the company is closing.

Colleague 2:  What? I haven't heard anything about that. This is bad. What are we going to do? I have to go see the boss. I need to phone my wife. 

Colleague 2:  Relax! I was just kidding.

Colleague 1:  You shouldn't pull my leg like that. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

to pull someone's leg - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   277   click for frequency by country

to pull someone's leg - Gerund Form:

Pulling your friend's leg can often lead to your friend being angry with you.

to pull someone's leg - Examples:

1)  For a moment I suspected that he was pulling my leg, but a glance at him convinced me otherwise.

2)  ... to phone Paul to check it was the real deal and not someone pulling my leg!

3)  When he offered it to me I thought he was pulling my leg. After a discussion with my bank manager and son, it was mine.

4)  On the other hand, unless he's pulling my leg, Phil has no such reservations about his particular conspiracy theory.

5)  Is this true or is she pulling my leg?

6)  I know you are joking? pulling my leg?

7)  I believed that he was pulling my leg and decided that I didn't need to know any more.

8)  ... then double check your source because they are pulling your leg or just lying. Try cross checking with vulcanologists.

9)  Of course they have toilet paper. She is just pulling your leg.

10)  The original link is here just so you're sure I'm not pulling your leg.

11)  Our neighbour thought we were pulling his leg. After explaining to him that over in Ireland we drink for no reason and ...

12)  It's so much fun pulling his leg.

13)  The old woman must have been pulling his leg. There was no way that this thing worked.

14)  I gather by your smile that you're pulling our leg, but just in case... please tell me you're kidding right?

15)  It's tough to say whether the author is pulling our leg or is a genuine ranting crackpot.

16)  The Irish are very welcoming, they might pull your leg but they'll always give you a warm welcome and try hard to treat you ...

17)  She too smiles and they both pull his leg about his impatience and restlessness for Anandi.

18)  I love to pull his leg and imitate him.

19)  We'd speak about random stuff that comes with bonding. She'd pull my leg, I'd pull hers.

20)  Sonia's just pulling their leg, oh Sonia you cheeky devil.