to pull something together

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - pull something together

"to pull something together"

to assemble something


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - pull something together

"to pull something together"

to organize or arrange something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - pull something together

A husband and wife are talking on the telephone ...

Husband:  Hello dear.  I'm sorry to do this to you at the last minute but I need to bring home a few business clients.  Do you think we could somehow feed them?

Wife:  It would have been better if you had given me more notice so that I could plan a decent meal and go shopping but I think that I can pull a nice meal together from what we have in the kitchen.

Husband:  You're a life saver.  Thank you.  See you soon.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - pull something together

Two bankers are talking ...

Banker 1:  Listen, I've got this really interesting business proposal on my desk. It looks like a real winner when the numbers are crunched. The challenge I'm having is that they need a loan and I can't find any current loan packages that fit this particular business model.

Banker 2:  I think I can help. Because I have more experience than you, I believe that I can pull together a nice loan package that will work very nicely.

Banker 1:  I would be curious to see what you can arrange, thanks.

to pull something together - Usage:


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to pull something together - Gerund Form:

Pulling together a meal for eight people, with only what is in the pantry, at the last minute, is not easy.

Pulling together disparate information to make a concise report is a challenge.

to pull something together - Examples:

1)  I don't think anyone will care that they only had hours to pull it together after their song choice was changed.

2)  ... to raise funds... this colleague, as well as most of those who helped pull it together, believes in the cause but has only recently met Lee.

3)  It took me a couple of years to pull it together, but I finished it, and sent it out to the agents.

4)  ... ethos works in a club environment but when you have only a few weeks to pull it together, a more inclusive and adaptive policy works better vis Lancaster's success ...

5)  Nellis worked against the seller's one-hour deadline to help the Cowans pull together a competing offer that the seller accepted.

6)  ... high-powered individual at the White House, someone with the domestic and international clout to pull together the efforts of the Pentagon, State Department, Treasury and Commerce, as ...

7)  Now you need to pull together the ideas from the previous steps and write what is likely your very first ...

8)  I still need to pull together my shopping list and get organized.

9)  A visitor center could pull together the entire Memphis music experience and relate it to Beale Street.

10)  Using H2O, professors can freely pull together materials for a course by selecting cases, editing those cases to the sections ...

11)  Way to pull together some metrics to support the customer service angle.

12)  They can pull together sponsors for a virtual Strut to raise funds for their local animal work.

13)   I had hardly an hour to pull together a dessert. The pressure was on.

14)  Hit the marine hardware store on Tuesday and pull together a rather clever invisible man costume.

15)  I pulled together a face-to-face round-table of leaders whose companies have true fans.

16)  He's never created a campaign, pulled together a media buy, or sold millions of anything.

17)  I love that you've pulled together so many great exercises and ways of approaching this subject.

18)  The Statistics Canada report also pulls together previously released data from 1999 to 2004.

19)  He's closer to the news sources, and he pulls together the information with a strong urban vision so very well.

20)  It's refreshing to read an article on the subject that pulls together two very important topics that will always be intertwined in many ways.