to pull together

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - pull together

"to pull together"

to cooperate;

to work well together (as a team)


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - pull together

Two executives are talking ...

Executive 1:  It's going to be really difficult to get this report done by Monday.

Executive 2:  It is a lot of work but I am sure that if we pull together as a team that we can get it done.

Executive 1:  OK.  Let's work together.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - pull together

Two teammates are talking ...

Teammate 1:  We're down by ten points and there is only five minutes left in the game. I'm not sure we have a chance of winning.

Teammate 2:  All we can do is work together, run the plays we worked out and do our best.

Teammate 1:  Right then. Let's pull together and win this game.

to pull together - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   3,739   click for frequency by country

to pull together - Gerund Form:

Pulling together can get the job done a lot faster.

to pull together - Examples:

1)  When the knocks and strains come (and they will come) you must pull together rather than pulling apart. 

2)  We need to pull together and nominate people who truly understand struggles.

3)  I can't make substantial donations myself, but I can get people to pull together for a cause.

4)  I would like nothing better than to pull together in the face of a tragedy.

5)  This disaster shows the divisions rife in America now. They need to pull together like Londoners did in the "Blitz"

6)  The family will pull together and become closer as it adjusts to the new dynamics.

7)  Now the city has to pull together a plan to emerge from its fiscal crisis.

8)  Thankfully people in this city really pull together in a time of need.

9)  What is wrong with people that they can't pull together and help each other.

10)  It's past time we collectively pull together to help solve the multitude of our nation's problems.

11)  Yet once the leader of a company makes a decision, everyone must pull together as one and leave the disagreements behind.

12)  In times of crisis all help is welcome and we pull together with everyone to meet the needs of the public.

13)  We need to drop the politics and pull together and bring the killers of Chris Stevens and our fallen heroes to justice.

14)  This country will not "pull together" unless Jesus is at the helm or war requires it.

15)  I hope the boys here today pull together and get with the main stream of America.

16)  Last, if the United Nations do not pull together to help the Iraq people, then the country will become one big sand dune.

17)  Show your kids how to be a team and pull together.

18)  Let's pull together and help fellow teachers in a time of need.

19)  They say they will all pull together and do whatever it takes to help their dancing families rebuild. 

20)  The Simpsons may be dysfunctional, but when they pull together, they can triumph.