to pull up stakes

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - pull up stakes

"to pull up stakes"

to collect your household belongings and leave your house or property;

to move to another place


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - pull up stakes

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: How do you feel about living in Mexico?

Colleague 2: Why would you ask that?

Colleague 1: I heard that there is a distinct possibility of the company pulling up stakes and moving its operations to Mexico.

Colleague 2: I wonder if the company relocated if we would even be offered jobs in the new location.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - pull up stakes

A couple are talking ...

Wife: What are we going to do? You've lost your job. I've lost my job. The town is dying and there are no jobs at all.

Husband: We'll have to pull up stakes, I guess.

Wife: And where will we move?

Husband: Somewhere we can find work.

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to pull up stakes - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   71   click for frequency by country

to pull up stakes - Gerund Form:

Pulling up stakes, the company moved to a bigger facility when production hit maximum.

to pull up stakes - Examples:

1)  ... and decided to pull up stakes. Where to go? What to do?

2)  He was going to pull up stakes if the sale went through and move us ...

3)  ... corporations get money from us and, after a couple of years, pull up stakes with our money and ride off into the sunset!

4)  ... it was finally time for us to pull up stakes and head north.

5)  Their high-energy industries are threatening to pull up stakes unless they get sweetheart deals from the utilities/government, ...

6)  ... companies to make the huge profits for their shareholders, so they pull up stakes and move to China or India or wherever they can find cheaper labor. 

7)  ... perhaps could understand why it would require a heroic effort for anyone to pull up stakes and return to the countryside. 

8)  After living in that country for generations, they've had to pull up stakes, give up their homes and friends, and flee from the wrath of the ...

9)  There's only one way out: pull up stakes, clean out that savings account and get on a plane to Baghdad.

10)  businesses are an integral part of a communities well being. If businesses pull up stakes and leave the community suffers.

11)  And so my Spanish wife and I decided to pull up stakes and start over in America. 

12)  employment that is too much tied to their locale to be able to pull up stakes and leave the state if the taxes are raised on them.

13)  How dare you think you can just pull up stakes and leave?

14)  With the financial industry about to pull up stakes and relocate, likely to all the empty first-class office space in Dubai, following ...

15)  Very few dentists, once they have made the commitment, pull up stakes and change practices in mid-career. 

16)  I would be leery of pulling up stakes and moving to some boomtown like Calgary or Edmonton.

17)  ... it's also a universal one for young people chasing their goals and pulling up stakes to get there.

18)  ... is a leader in green tech and the story suggests they might be pulling up stakes in BC and moving production offshore. 

19)  ... free spirits who get ourselves going when the going gets tough -- pulling up stakes and moving on to the next ridge or mountain top, the next adventure.

20)  Multinationals are pulling up stakes and moving to cheaper locations, such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Mexico.