to pull up your socks

Idiom Definition

"to pull up your socks"

to improve your performance or behavior because your performance or behavior is not good enough

Idiom Definition - to pull up your socks


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to pull up your socks

My life is so disorganized.  I can never seem to arrive for work on time.  I can not keep up with all the laundry.  My friends are complaining that I do not spend enough time with them.  My neighbors are complaining that my yard is very messy and that the grass needs to be cut.

"I need to pull up my socks and work a little harder and be more organized!"

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to pull up your socks

Bernie is a student in university. He has been called into his professor's office for a talk about his performance this semester.

Professor:  Hello Bernie. How are you?

Bernie:  Just fine, professor, thank you.

Professor:  Good.   Listen, the reason I asked you to see me today is that I have been reviewing your work for this semester. You have not been doing well, Bernie. You have not turned in two assignments and your test scores have been low.    Your work is just not up to snuff.  I am worried that you will fail this course.

Bernie:  Wow!  That's not good, sir.  I will work harder and apply myself.   I will pull up my socks.

Professor:  Excellent, Bernie.  I am sure that you will be back up to snuff in no time.

to pull up your socks - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   160   click for frequency by country

to pull up your socks - Gerund Form:

Pulling up your socks means getting to work.

to pull up your socks - Examples:

1)  I pull up my socks when I need to get to work.

2)  You pull up your socks when your performance is poor.

3)  He pulls up his socks when his mother tells him to improve his attitude.

4)  She pulls up her socks when her test scores are low.

5)  The government pulls up its socks in order to provide better services.

6)  We pull up our socks when we are losing the game.

7)  You (all) pull up your socks when you fall behind.

8)  They pull up their socks when it is necessary to work harder.

9) The incumbents need to make the agencies concerned pull up their socks and ensure that the government-fixed fares are complied with. 

10)  Management is losing its grip and should pull up their socks before petitioning for a third runway.

11)  I hope and pray that the Indians will pull up their socks and begin a new chapter in the history of Indian cricket.

12)  It leaves the viewer with many choices and forces channels to pull up their socks and work harder to get their content noticed.

13) Risk managers have to pull up their socks and gear themselves for tougher times. 

14)  We believe this will motivate states to pull up their socks and do their bit in the integration process.

15)  Dairy farmers and their companies have to pull up their socks, despite some honest efforts to improve.

16) It's laziness, you just have to pull up your socks, you have to try harder. 

17)  This is why you have no option but to pull up your socks.

18)  There is no point crying over spilt milk. You pull up your socks and sit for the exam again.

19)  I am sure you will pull up your socks when you need to.

20)  Y'all need to pull up your socks and do some actual thinking about how you can become a real political party.