to pull yourself together

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - pull yourself together

"to pull yourself together"

to regain your composure;

to regain your self-control


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - pull yourself together

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I'm freaking out. I'm so upset. What am I going to do? I lost my job unexpectedly. I have no money in the bank. The mortgage on the house is due. My husband and I are expecting a baby next month. I'm doomed. My life is over.

Friend 2:  Wait a minute.  Take a deep breath and pull yourself together.  You'll never be able to think rationally unless you calm down.

Friend 1:  Yes, you're right.  Give me a minute to clear my mind.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - pull yourself together

Two friends are chatting as they watch a soccer game ...

Friend 1:  It looks like our team is not going to win.

Friend 2:  Well, what do you expect? They're disorganized, distracted and running around the pitch like they have no clue how to play soccer.

Friend 1:  There's twenty minutes left in the game and they're only down by one goal. Perhaps if they pull themselves together, they can still win.

Friend 2:  We can hope.

to pull yourself together - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   816   click for frequency by country

to pull yourself together - Gerund Form:

Pulling yourself together after an emotional upheaval is not always easy.

to pull yourself together - Examples:

1)  All too often the attitude from others is "Pull yourself together", with total lack of patience or understanding. 

2)  You got yourself into this mess so you need to pull yourself together and deal with it.

3)  You are allowed a brief pity party after which you are expected to pull yourself together.

4)  And then, one day, I decided to just pull myself together. I took a high-school equivalency exam in Halifax.

5)  ... me again and stop crying all the time and am sick of being told to pull myself together (I wish it were that easy).

6)  ... me to an anxiety disorder, it was really bad but I was able to pull myself together.

7)  A significant proportion of respondents reported that people with severe depression could simply 'pull themselves together', reflecting a very negative and inaccurate view of this disorder.

8)  These say people with anxiety disorders are just worriers who should pull themselves together. The reality is very different.

9)  ... they are dismissive of the problem and believe panic can be overcome if people " pull themselves together ", this can actually make the situation worse.

10)  You should have slapped his face and told him to pull himself together!

11)  Despite his delirium, he manages to pull himself together for long enough to cast a shadow ritual and transfer his consciousness into ...

12)  was distracted, resorting to drink until the local hotel keeper told him he must pull himself together and think of his family, which he did.

13)  I was nervous going into the first lecture would be an understatement, but I pulled myself together, have settled into the role and enjoying sharing my theoretical and practical ...

14)  ... hold back the tears until I made it to the washroom at work. I pulled myself together long enough to get to my car to go home.

15)  I was devastated by what he said, but I pulled myself together and said to myself, this person is only trying to cause the ...

16)  ... response, and his mouth opened a little in a silent moan, before he pulled himself together.

17)  ... was so sorry later and hence, a horrible pattern arose. # He eventually pulled himself together in many ways.

18)  We suffer, sometimes visibly, then we recover, we pull ourselves together, realize things could be worse, or simply turn our attention to ...

19)  It's old wisdom that we need time after a breakup to recoup, to pull ourselves together.

20)  Despondently, we disembarked and were trying to pull ourselves together to consider our options when another bus went screaming by.