to punch in

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"to punch in"

to begin work by recording or noting the time of arrival


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - punch in

"to punch in"

to enter information on a computer or other device by pressing keys


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - punch in

Two coworkers are talking outside a factory...

Coworker 1:  What did you think of the game last night?

Coworker 2:  It was good and I would love to stay and chat with you but we really should get inside and punch in.

Coworker 1:  You are right. Even if we are recorded as one minute late, fifteen minutes are deducted from our pay.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - punch in

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  What are the latest figures?

Colleague 2:  I don't have an update at the moment. I haven't punched in this morning's data yet.

Colleague 1:  Get busy then and enter the information.

Colleague 2:  No problem. I'll get busy on my computer.

to punch in - Usage:


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to punch in - Gerund Form:

Punching in five minutes late every day causes a large reduction in your paycheck.

to punch in - Examples:

1)  It's kind of weird: it doesn't feel like a job where you punch in at nine and you go at five.

2)  Because someone who knows can punch in the numbers and voila!

3)  ... and desk tablets that are interactive and fully customisable in 11 languages; punch in your preferences on the touch-screen panel on the walls to control in-room facilities.

4)  ... an e-wallet or carries out transactions online, he or she is mostly required to punch in a password or can opt for a one-time password (OTP) that will ...

5)  ... and the other miners punch in on their way to the mine, they say they have no guarantee they ...

6)  You come to work, punch in and punch out.

7)  If I just punched in enough data, perhaps some trends would reveal themselves.

8)  ... many of the lanes slowed down by five or more minutes with passwords being punched in repeatedly and cards swiped more than once.

9)  ... and taking delivery of slips of paper indicating they had in fact punched in to work.

10)  ... her of hundreds of dollars of pay by failing to accurately record the time she punched in, or the overtime she worked.

11)  We did the same hours as the men, punching in at 7.30am and leaving at 5pm, ...

12)  ... punching in and punching out according to prescribed hours can, in fact, be counterproductive ...

13)  When we drove home, my cousin punched in their home address in north west London.

14)  ... my employer just recently started having exempt employees start punching in and out, ...

15)  ... a mere five seconds after punching in my option, an operator from "the other side" came online.

16)  ... that there is a person sitting in a room and punching in these phone numbers.

17)  That's just too easy: by punching in the USSD code ...

18)  They're cleaning, policing or building the roads; they're punching in at the canning factory, or starting shifts at the hospital.

19)  ... and eliminates the possibilities of fraud in this department. It uses time clocks (punching in and out system), web browsers, and cell phones to track time ...

20)  Many have been duped by spoofed pages before, punching in their credentials without realizing their mistake.