to push your luck

Idiom Definition

"to push your luck"

to attempt to gain more from a good situation usually at the risk of losing what you have gained

Idiom Definition - to push your luck


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to push your luck

Johnny is busy bothering his mother to buy him a new video game.  After a couple of hours of asking, Johnny's mother relents and tells Johnny that she will buy him a new video game.  Johnny continues to bother his mother about when she will buy the game.  Johnny wants his mother to go to the store right now but Johnny's mother is busy with housework and other chores and will not go to the store until later that day.  Johnny asks his mother one more time if she will go to the store right now.  Johnny's mother replies ...

"If you continue to push your luck, young man, then I won't buy you any game at all."

Johnny understands this and stops bothering his mother.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to push your luck

Ned has enjoyed hosting the Friday night poker game for he and his friends for a couple of years now.  One day Ned decides that it would be even more fun to have poker night on Friday and Saturday night.  Ned approaches Grace to ask if it is OK if he hosts a poker game on Saturday night as well.  Grace replies ...

"I have never liked Friday night poker.  The house always smells of stale smoke and beer and there is always a lot of cleaning to do afterwards.  I wouldn't push my luck if I were you."

If Ned asks Grace again about another poker night, Grace may very well deny Ned the Friday night poker game.

to push your luck - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   319   click for frequency by country

to push your luck - Gerund Form:

Pushing your luck can often result in losing what you have gained.

to push your luck - Examples:

1)  I push my luck when I ask my wife to watch a second horror movie.

2)  You push your luck when you speed on the highway.

3)  He pushes his luck when he continues to gamble when his winning streak is ending.

4)  She pushes her luck when she asks for an extra $50 to go shopping.

5)  The government pushes its luck when it continues to raise taxes without giving more services.

6)  We push our luck when we continue to argue with the referee.

7)  You (all) push your luck when you ask the boss for extra holidays.

8)  They push their luck when they don't put money in the parking meter.

9)  Maybe there are some limits. Maybe you shouldn't push your luck too far. 

10)  Don't push your luck or overstay your welcome.

11) You may not want to push your luck too much. 

12)  Don't push your luck. Ask your hotel reception if it's safe to go out before doing so

13)  If your child gets less than pleasant on little sleep, don't push your luck with a late bedtime!

14)  I am going to push my luck, chuck my well-paying job in India and move to Canada.

15)  I don't want to push my luck.

16)  I was not going to push my luck any further than I had to at present.

17)  I'm trying really hard not to push my luck on my holiday here in Iran.

18)  But I don't think I'm going to push my luck. Jason's clearly not ready for anything else and frankly, neither am I.

19)  He knew he got away with it and didn't want to push his luck.

20)  He had the ability and guts, to push his luck to the edge in publishing news of human rights violations by the government.