(to be) put off by

Idiom Definition

"to be put off by"

to feel repelled or repulsed by something or somebody;

to stop liking something or somebody

Idiom Definition - to be put off by


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be put off by

Gil and Donna are sitting at their kitchen table eating breakfast one morning. The kitchen window is open and a smell is drifting in ...

Donna:  Do you smell that?

Gil:  Ya!  It's disgusting!  It smells like a sewer.

Donna:  I don't think I can eat my breakfast.

Gil:  Me neither.  I am being put off by that terrible smell.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be put off by

Steve and Graham are chatting at a cocktail party ...

Graham:  Have you seen Kathy tonight?

Steve:  I have been trying to avoid her.  You know she is so loud and aggressive.

Graham:  Without a doubt.  She really puts me off.

Steve:  Yes, I have to admit that I am put off by her, too

to be put off by - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,147   click for frequency by country

to be put off by - Gerund Form:

Being put off by someone does not encourage you to spend time with that person.

to be put off by - Examples:

1)  I am put off by disagreeable smells.

2)  You are put off by loud people.

3)  He is put off by rancid food.

4)  She is put off by people who dress badly.

5)  Overly competitive people are put off by his aggressive behavior.

6)  We are put off by ignorance.

7)  You (all) are put off by people who don't know when to quit talking.

8)  They are put off by colors that are not in harmony.

9)  Have many loud and aggressive people are put off by him.

10)  I recently read Love at First Flight by Marie Force and was kind of put off by it.

11)  Don't be put off by the queues, they are surprisingly quick to move. 

12)  They decided to go to the Statue of Liberty but were, again, put off by the cost.

13)  Sometimes I might agree with some of what you have to say but I am put off by your insistence on attacking those who may disagree with you.

14)  I know it was a bit heavy-handed and melodramatic, but I was very put off by his actions.

15)  Gates was also put off by Jobs's attitude.

16)  But I feel better knowing I'm not the only who is put off by that worn out story line.

17)  More major financiers of the party are going to start being put off by the increasingly exclusionary rhetoric of the social conservatives on gay rights.

18) Karine, in particular, was put off by the hard-sell tactics some of the candidates used. 

19)  The only time I notice/am put off by elbows on table is if someone is holding utensils at the same time.

20)  These people are highly concerned about the economy but also put off by the Republican emphasis on social issues.