to put off

Idiom Definition

"to put off"

to postpone or delay

Idiom Definition - to put off


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to put off

Two friends are talking ...

Anna:  What's the matter, Joan?

Joan:  I have a terrible toothache!

Anna:  Why don't you go to the dentist?

Joan:  I don't like going to the dentist.  It's expensive and I've been very busy lately.

Anna:  Well, if you keep putting it off, your tooth will just become worse and worse.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to put off

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  What are you doing tonight?

Student 2:  I have to write my term paper.

Student 1:  Is that the English Literature term paper?

Student 2:  Yes!

Student 1:  That paper is due tomorrow!

Student 2:  I know!  I've put off writing it until the very last moment.

to put off - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   6,175   click for frequency by country

to put off - Gerund Form:

Putting off things that need to be done is a form of procrastination.

to put off - Examples:

1)  I put off doing the laundry until there are no clean clothes left.

2)  You put off shopping for groceries until there is no food in the refrigerator.

3)  He puts off the meeting with his boss because he is too busy.

4)  She puts off doing the dishes until the next morning.

5)  The company puts off announcing layoffs until after Christmas.

6)  We put off writing the next term paper until the very last minute.

7)  You (all) put off preparing your taxes until April 30th.

8)  They put off doing their homework until after their favorite TV show is finished.

9)  Has the company put off the expansion until after year-end?

10)  Has she put off reading that new book until holidays?

11)  Have you been putting the decision off for over a month now?

12)  Did they put off the trip yesterday?

13)  Will she put off going to the dentist tomorrow?

14)  It was also Christmastime. I didn't really have an excuse to put off baking these any longer.

15)  The Federal Reserve can attempt to put off the inevitable for a while by pumping up the debt bubble even more.

16)  It's easy to find excuses to put off starting your own business.

17)  I am a procrastinator. One of my favorite ways to put off my daily chores is to work the newspaper crossword puzzles.

18)  I think it's silly to put off healthier eating because you can't go whole-hog and buy everything 100% organic.

19)  You always create reasons to put off quitting drinking.

20)  All found some pretence to put off their attendance.