to put on ice

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - put on ice

"to put on ice"

to put something in reserve for later use


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - put on ice

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Looks like we are going to have to put your project on ice for a while.

Colleague 2: Why? It is progressing well.

Colleague 1: The company is having some financial challenges and your project is expensive.

Colleague 2: When we the project recommence?

Colleague 1: We could be waiting for six months or so until there is enough money to continue.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - put on ice

Two students are talking ...

Student 1: Have you decided which college you will be going to?

Student 2: No. I haven't received replies from all the colleges that I applied to, yet. I am going to put the decision of which college to attend on ice until after final exams.

Student 1: Good idea. That way you won't be distracted and can really concentrate on the exams.

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to put on ice - Usage:


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to put on ice - Gerund Form:

Putting the project on ice for the time being meant we had to find something else to work on.

to put on ice - Examples:

1)  All those alarming stories of disappearing Himalayan glaciers will have to be put back on ice now that scientists have discovered Asian glaciers actually growing.

2)  ... through the world of music journalism and sports publishing until she put it all on ice to become a parent.

3)  ... was jealous my close friendship with his wife. So this put our friendship on ice for a few years, yet has now made it even stronger.

4)  In earlier times, any one of these developments could have put US-China relations on ice and led to a deterioration across numerous aspects of relations between the two. 

5)  ... and then say Gillard misled the electorate about the carbon tax and put it on ice until the next election.

6)  ... has made hard restructurings relatively rare, but explains the tendency to put deals on ice.

7)  There had been speculation before the reshuffle that the Government would put HS2 on ice in the face of strident opposition from protesters along the planned route.

8)  So he flipped it: he was going to put me on ice and be in control of how and if the relationship worked out.

9)  I'll put having kids on ice and be a cool older mum.

10)  ... activities no longer pulling in the business. Cancel them. Put your budget on ice until you've ascertained who you want to communicate with, how they can be ...

11)  Perhaps you could put the decision on ice.

12)  ... they had been waiting two years to release it. They had put it on ice while they recorded their Christmas and Heritage albums.

13)  I just went and got a job and put the music on ice for a bit. 

14)  ... the label (a fact that many don't realize) put the initiative on ice because it would somehow distract or interfere with ...

15)  But the caucus never rallied behind the measure, and it was put on ice, without ever reaching the Senate floor for a vote.

16)  ... to appeal the certification in August, however, which effectively put the proceedings on ice.

17)  Ramaphosa is in a position to let them go or put them on ice should he be nominated for a top position.

18)  The code has been put on ice pending the outcome of the Parliamentary inquiry.

19)  ... the crash happened, a lot of business expansion was the first thing put on ice, and it's still there, 5 years later.

20)  Some of these ruthless exploitation projects have been put on ice due to the women and men who have dared to defy them.