to put out feelers

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - put out feelers

"to put out feelers"

to discreetly try to discover other people's opinions on something before any decisions are made


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - put out feelers

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I hear that Glazin-Klink has put out feelers regarding a possible merger with this company.

Colleague 2:  Really?  Oh no! I had better start sending out resumes.

Colleague 1:  Relax. They are only feelers to try to gauge a possible response to even the possibility of a merger. Nothing definite.

Colleague 2:  GK are just quietly testing the waters, then?

Colleague 1:  Exactly.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - put out feelers

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I really miss my girlfriend. I wonder if she would ever take me back?

Friend 2:  Let me put out some feelers through friends of friends to find out if there is even a possibility that your ex would consider such a thing.

Friend 1:  But I don't want my ex to know that I am interested because if she isn't, then it could be embarrassing.

Friend 2:  No problem. The process will be discreet.

to put out feelers - Usage:


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to put out feelers - Gerund Form:

Putting out feelers about the chances of promotion before submitting an official request for transfer would be a good idea.

to put out feelers - Examples:

1)  Angelina has since put out feelers for a public relations expert to boost her image ...

2)  We're told producers put out feelers already and there's definite interest on the part of both women. No formal ...

3)  ... has put out feelers through his representatives to try and engineer a move.

4)  ... the world's largest asset manager has already put out feelers to potential buyers to see if they would be interested in acquiring the ...

5)  ... it was only a matter of time before the toy company put out feelers to gauge the response to potential Pop Vinyl figures of the show's most popular ...

6)  ... put out feelers on social media and via email to assess the appetite for a 25th-anniversary reunion of ...

7)  You put out feelers, you speak to old contacts and you back your ability to find another club ...

8)  ... a framed "ambition" tattoo on his wrist. Immediately, police put out feelers for information about anyone with that tattoo. 

9)  ... life story that after escaping from prison a second time last summer he put out feelers to Hollywood about turning it into a blockbuster biopic.

10)  ... has apparently already put out feelers about retiring "honourably" from her position.

11)  ... suggested that the army would apply targeted recruitment measures, maybe even put out feelers at universities.

12)  ... a rights issue, or share placing, a company's bankers will put out feelers to see at what price they can sell shares.

13)  The couple have put out feelers to find a nanny to help them look after their son when they increase their ...

14)  Though he constantly put out feelers for an NBA job, no one seemed interested. Exactly why isn't clear.

15)  They put out feelers and immediately had more than 300 athletes express interest.

16)  Investigators put out feelers to other agencies in an attempt to solve the mystery, ...

17)  ... have written a job description and begun to put out feelers for promising candidates.

18)  ... also appeared to be showing signs of strain as his key allies put out feelers to mediators, possibly over an exit strategy.

19)  I have not put out feelers because we are not quite sure who is supposed to be in control.

20)  As well, the team has also put out feelers to existing corporate sponsors about luxury boxes and has already received solid initial response.