to put the squeeze on

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - put the squeeze on

"to put the squeeze on"

to apply pressure on someone to do something;

to force or coerce someone


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - put the squeeze on

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Looks like our suppliers are putting the squeeze on us.

Colleague 2: What are they pressuring for?

Colleague 1: I guess there has been some world-wide issues with the production of the raw material so they are demanding a higher price.

Colleague 2: That put us in a difficult position. If there are no other supplies out there, there's really no choice but to accede to their demands.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - put the squeeze on

A couple are talking ...

Wife: The recent ten percent pay cut in your salary has put the squeeze on our family budget.

Husband: What can we do? The economy is in a downturn.

Wife: With the pay cut we will be forced to cut back on luxuries. No more eating out or weekend getaways.

Husband: Ouch.

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to put the squeeze on - Usage:


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to put the squeeze on - Gerund Form:

Putting the squeeze on their suppliers by threatening to withdraw business, they coerced a lower price.

to put the squeeze on - Examples:

1)  To be fair, some have tried to put the squeeze on donors for this, without much luck.

2)  The aging of the population will also put the squeeze on government resources.

3)  Tax cuts have put the squeeze on services we already have, and make it difficult to discuss expanding the social ...

4)  By making others do what Wal-Mart does, the company manages to put the squeeze on anyone who would dare vie for its customer base.

5)  many gold companies have missed expectations. Higher costs put the squeeze on earnings. The market hates it when companies miss their forecasts.

6)  ... system is facing a supply and demand crisis: government funding cuts have put the squeeze on university places at a time when applications have soared.

7)  The real question of Currie is just who put the squeeze on her to stay silent. Could it have been the ex-party treasurer?

8)  ... question is whether that power could be organised in such a manner to put the squeeze on the board (threatening their removal at an AGM if they did not comply ...

9)  This will put the squeeze on existing customers as the banks try to find a way of making more money.

10)  Although U.S. frustration is understandable, continuing to put the squeeze on Islamabad will only make things worse. 

11)  ... publishers have found willing partners in their national governments as they try to put the squeeze on Google.

12)  The CBO report was thoroughly depressing. We put the squeeze on immigration and then wonder why the demographics for labor supply growth are so dismal.

13)  ... particularly local government whose rate increases over the last few years are really putting the squeeze on low income home owning families.

14)  A shock rise in inflation is putting the squeeze on living standards and could act as a drag on economic growth for months.

15)  The higher costs are putting the squeeze on people who are not benefiting from the upturn, but paying the higher costs.

16)  The Christchurch rebuild is also putting the squeeze on the labour market, with engineers and skilled trades already in demand.

17)  ... between a rock and a hard place. Two camps seem to be putting the squeeze on him. Each one holding to a specific set of beliefs.

18)  But what about the problem of Amazon becoming a monopsony and putting the squeeze on the authors, the real ebook suppliers?

19)  The others were only interested in putting the squeeze on liberal-socialist programs and controlling their growth.

20)  ... said the unnecessary and onerous regulations are putting the squeeze on everyone, especially small businesses that struggle to meet all of the rules set ...