put under a microscope

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - put under a microscope

"put under a microscope"

to study and scrutinize something or someone very closely


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - put under a microscope

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Are we ready for the final round of interviewees?

Colleague 2:  I believe so.  We have the three who made the short list.

Colleague 1:  Have they been put under a microscope?

Colleague 2:  We have looked extremely closely and in minute detail at all the resumes. We have telephoned references and checked school attendance records.

Colleague 1:  And they all seem OK?

Colleague 2:  We didn't find any issues.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - put under a microscope

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Would you ever run for political office?

Friend 2:  Never.

Friend 1:  Why not?

Friend 2:  I wouldn't want my life to be put under a microscope.

Friend 1:  It would be rather invasive to have that level of scrutiny applied to all your personal details.

put under a microscope - Usage:


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put under a microscope - Gerund Form:

Putting your resume under a microscope might be the best way to spot areas that could be improved.

put under a microscope - Examples:

1)  ... listen to anyone who casts doubt on an issue which is being put under a microscope by so many different scientific disciples that have provided substantial proof to the contrary.

2)  ... down to an accident there is no empirical proof which can be put under a microscope for God or for no God.

3)  ... and conference budgets are a prime one for the accountants to put under a microscope.

4)  ... like any hot topic things have been put under a microscope and analysed and over analysed, the problem is that sometimes when you are zoomed ...

5)  ... though this does not concern a white collar criminal matter one should put under a microscope the corrupt conduct of Colin McDonald QC who now mainly resides in Bali.

6)  ... said that they were unwilling to risk being re-victimised by being put under a microscope during the trial.

7)  And given that therapists are now being put under a microscope when their patients go off it, it's no surprise that this one went ...

8)  The current noisy battles are because now religion has been put under a microscope. It's a thing in the world and as such is a legitimate phenomenon ...

9)  We can see how every past business decision is going to be put under a microscope.

10)  ... every single perceived imperfection in a hitherto exemplary career being put under a microscope for public vilification.

11)  Get your stocks to us and we will put them under a microscope to see how they rate.

12)  ... taking a long, cool look back into the past and putting it under a microscope. We'd all fall apart under that level of scrutiny.

13)  ... now people are demonizing this doctor, the black Rasputin, putting him under a microscope, hoping to find something that will show... haha... he did it.

14)  We've spent the last year in the laboratory putting this place under a microscope to reveal hundreds of specimens of the best culture, outdoor adventures, shopping ...

15)  ... to explain policy decisions. But the idea of putting them more under a microscope of literally auditing decisions - I don't think so, ...

16)  ... the helicopter view of the labour market, whereas LEED puts the information under a microscope.

17)  ... a large chunk of the Internet economy's foundations, puts current models under a microscope and begs the question: how much of the Internet's perceived worth is real?

18)  ... with holding their own district representatives accountable might not only put this issue under a microscope, but also potentially effect real change in the process.

19)  If the media put these liars under a microscope like they did President elect George W Bush, you would soon discover that the ...

20)  Civil society activists like Adeeb say the government has put their funding under a microscope by asking Central Bank officials to reveal their bank dealings to see whether they match ...