to put up with

Idiom Definition

"to put up with"

to tolerate - usually something annoying

Idiom Definition - to put up with


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to put up with

Two friends are catching up after not having seen one another for five years ...

Friend 1: Wow. Long time, no see. What have you been doing these last five years?

Friend 2: I traveled around quite a bit and ended up in Mexico City working for a multinational company.

Friend 1: I hear the traffic there is terrible. How do you put up with it?

Friend 2: The traffic is very annoying but I manage by using the public transportation system.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to put up with

Two friends are talking in one friend's apartment...

Friend 1: What is that incessant noise?

Friend 2: There is a building under construction next to this one.

Friend 1: The noise must drive you crazy.

Friend 2: It does become extremely frustrating. I put up with it by thinking about what a great apartment I have and knowing that eventually the construction will be finished. I also use very good earplugs.

to put up with - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   11,389   click for frequency by country

to put up with - Gerund Form:

Putting up with fools can be difficult.

to put up with - Examples:

1) I just don't think US citizens should have to put up with tougher laws on getting driver's licenses. 

2) No one needs to put up with a bully's behavior. 

3)  I don't put up with nonsense and I didn't teach you to put up with nonsense either.

4)  I basically just put up with it for years since there was no point in seeing the doctors anymore.

5)  You are going to have to put up with more criticism but you are already hearing it so what difference does it make

6)  I want to play the game, not play online with others and have to put up with juvenile comments from onliner's.

7)  This is among the reasons why Pros will put up with paying $1,500 for a copy of the Creative Suite or Production Studio.

8)  They will often put up with a relationship that isn't going great for them.

9)  The report states that "the peoples of the world" are not going to put up with all of this " inequality " any longer.

10)  In my day it was expected that you'd have to put up with a heckler or audience revolt if you sucked.

11)  I knew it was wrong and I wasn't going to put up with it.

12)  Little things like that are what many women put up with on an almost daily basis.

13)  I'm thankful for a supportive family who put up with me, as I know I'm not very easy to live with.

14)  I should've thought ahead somehow, been more careful, put up with things a bit longer and saved it all.

15)  I want to protect my iPhone which is why I was willing to put up with the bulk of this case.

16)  From the age of 9 to about 26, women put up with all kinds of harsh, aloof, out right disrespectful behavior from men.

17)  I should have the right to go to my happy place and not have to put up with crying babies and pompous stewardesses.

18)  If you haven't been there, you might not understand why we put up with a controlling relationship for way too long.

19)  How do you put up with this and still try to make the world a better place?

20)  You are not obligated to put up with abuse from anyone--including your family.