to put you in the picture

Idiom Definition

"to put you in the picture"

to inform somebody of something

Idiom Definition - to put you in the picture


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to put you in the picture

A businesswoman, Sandra, has been away on a business trip for two weeks. Upon her return, she has a meeting with a colleague to catch up on what has happened while she was away.

Jack: Welcome back Sandra.

Sandra: Thanks Jack. What happened while I was away?

Jack: Quite a lot actually. The boss was fired and, as a result, we have had to re-work that big project we had been working on.

Sandra: Oh, my! Please tell me about the project re-work.

Jack: Well, first, the deadline has been moved ahead. Second, ...

Jack continues to explain all the details of the re-work to Sandra.

Sandra: Thanks for putting me in the picture Jack.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to put you in the picture


The human resources department wants to create an interactive experience for recruiting new students to the university.

Please share your experiences of the university so that you can help put prospective students in the picture.

to put you in the picture - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   81   click for frequency by country

to put you in the picture - Gerund Form:

Putting someone in the picture is necessary if you want the person to give advice or help.

to put you in the picture - Examples:

1)  Let me explain a little to put you in the picture.

2)  Let me put you in the picture, let me show you what I mean

3)  That's just to put you in the picture and give an insight of just one corner of the logistics I am bogged down in.

4)  Now, to put you in the picture, we were selling educational toys to parents and I did this by educating parents.

5)  My KLF work put me in the picture, and after that the phone never stopped ringing.

6)  Phil put me in the picture - the conspirator was a lumpy, violent man.

7)  I got into a conversation with him and he put me in the picture because all aircraft were being diverted to Chakeri.

8)  Can you put me in the picture about the World Cup Football Match?

9)  I hadn't quite put him in the picture yet.

10)  I put him in the picture by telling him about the wild animals there.

11) The first step in this today was to call my mum and put her in the picture

12)  Let's put her in the picture with some book learning from the Coal Association's website.

13) To put people in the picture regarding Radio Derby winning a Sony award, they only had competition from two other companies. 

14)  The guide put us in the picture by treating us as if we were the people who used to live there.

15)  She puts herself in the picture when consulting with the boss.

16)  He is putting the new employee in the picture now.

17)  Did you put the new recruit in the picture last week?

18)  I am going to put the students in the picture tomorrow.

19)  Will you be putting the students in the picture all day tomorrow?

20)  Are we putting the new employee in the picture now?