to put your best foot forward

Idiom Definition

"to put your best foot forward"

to present yourself in the best possible way in order to make a good impression

Idiom Definition - to put your best foot forward


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to put your best foot forward

You have a job interview tomorrow.  The interview is for a very good job which pays a very good salary.  You need to dress in your best clothes.  You need to get a haircut.  You need to wake up early tomorrow in order to have time to be fully prepared.  Do not be late for your interview.

You want to put your best foot forward.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to put your best foot forward

Jenny has a big date tonight.  She is going out for the first time with a man she met at work.  She has known the man casually for over a year but now the man has asked Jenny on a date.  Jenny is very excited because she really likes this man.  Jenny is determined to make a good impression.

Jenny will definitely put her best foot forward.

to put your best foot forward - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   543   click for frequency by country

to put your best foot forward - Gerund Form:

Putting your best foot forward is very important for making a good first impression.

to put your best foot forward - Examples:

1)  I put my best foot forward when I want to impress people.

2)  You put your best foot forward at job interviews.

3)  He puts his best foot forward at parties.

4)  She puts her best foot forward when meeting new people.

5)  The Olympic Committee puts its best foot forward when it makes a bid.

6)  We put our best feet forward when we step onto the playing field.

7)  You (all) put your best feet forward to try to earn a raise.

8)  They put their best feet forward when they speak in public.

9)  Sure, it's an interview, so put your best foot forward, but let the real YOU shine too.

10)  You've got to put your best foot forward. In the online world, it's all about first impressions.

11)  You try to put your best foot forward and you do everything you can to compete and win.

12)  So get into shape and put your best foot forward to experience a once in a life time adventure.

13)  I believe that most contractors put their best foot forward and know that they are judged by what they did on their last job.

14)   This October, the National Trust are encouraging everyone to put their best foot forward and venture into the outdoors for a 'Great British Walk'.

15)  It is a time for a nation and its sportsmen to put their best foot forward to show case their prowess.

16)  If we can really put our best foot forward this weekend, we should get something out of the game for sure.

17)  We have to put our best foot forward all the time, he said. Mediocre is not good enough.

18)  We have to put our best foot forward. It's a perfect blend of experience and youth.

19)  I've got to try and make sure I put my best foot forward for every game.

20)  I'd try and put my best foot forward throughout our entire marriage.