to put your foot in your mouth

Idiom Definition

"to put your foot in your mouth"

to accidentally say something inappropriate that causes distress or embarrassment to yourself or others

Idiom Definition - to put your foot in your mouth


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to put your foot in your mouth

Ned comes home after work one day to discover a beautiful cake sitting on the kitchen counter.  The cake is in a container like you would get from a bakery.  Ned takes the cake out and proceeds to begin eating a big slice.  After two bites, Ned discovers that the cake tastes terrible.  Ned scrapes the remainder of the cake from his plate into the garbage.  Just as Ned is doing this, Grace walks in ...

Grace:  Why are you throwing that piece of cake away?

Ned:  It was really bad.  I think you need to find a different bakery.

Grace:  Oh, Ned!  I spent the afternoon baking that cake for you.

Has Ned put his foot in his mouth?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to put your foot in your mouth

You are talking to a stranger at a party.  You are telling the stranger how bad your boss is.  You are insulting and complaining about your boss.  After you are finished saying everything bad that is possible to say about your boss, the stranger tells you that he is your boss's husband.

You have really put your foot in your mouth.

to put your foot in your mouth - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   184   click for frequency by country

to put your foot in your mouth - Gerund Form:

Putting your foot in your mouth can be embarrassing.

to put your foot in your mouth - Examples:

1)  I put my foot in my mouth when I tell a woman's true age.

2)  You put your foot in your mouth when you inadvertently tell the your boss about a coworkers misdeeds.

3)  He puts his foot in his mouth when he comments to a fat woman who is not pregnant how nice she looks because she is pregnant.

4)  She puts her foot in her mouth when she makes fun of a man for being drunk when the man, in fact, has Parkinson's Disease.

5)  The government put its foot in its mouth when it announced a mistake it had made before checking the facts.

6)  We put our feet in our mouths when we talk about how poor we were parented and we do not know that our parents are standing behind us.

7)  You (all) put your feet in your mouths when you (all) speak before thinking.

8)  They put their feet in their mouths when they talk to a stranger at a party about how terrible their boss is and the stranger is the boss's husband.

9)  Once again Abbott has put his foot in his mouth. It is impossible to understand this fellow's thought processes or logic.

10)  Jones put his foot in his mouth and has apologised.

11)  He said all kinds of things and often put his foot in his mouth

12)  But then he went and put his foot in his mouth with his "binders full of women" phrase.

13)  GR has really put his foot in his mouth and spoken where he does not have any right to speak.

14)  The more he talks, the more he may put his foot in his mouth.

15) He put his foot in his mouth yesterday when he said that he was in favor of extending the student loan interest. 

16)  It is harder to put your foot in your mouth when you have a pen in your hand.

17)  Luckily she knows that I always put my foot in my mouth, but I see the old red roses being needed on Sunday.

18)  I did put my foot in my mouth, because present day astrology is misused and weekly horoscopes are useless.

19)  I haven't put my foot in my mouth yet by saying something inappropriate or insulting by accident.

20)  I don't want to put my foot in my mouth quoting myself from memory.