(to be) quick off the mark

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - quick off the mark

"(to be) quick off the mark"

to be quick to understand or react to an event or situation


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - quick off the mark

Two colleagues are talking ...

Manager: Where is Gretchen? We have a customer service emergency.

Staff Member: She is already on her way over to the customer's location.

Manager: Wow. She sure is quick off the mark. I wish all the staff could be as fast as Gretchen in reacting to these types of situations.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - quick off the mark

A couple are talking ...

Husband: The caterer just called to say that they had an emergency and won't be able to arrive on time for our dinner party.

Wife: Here's the menu for that upscale Chinese restaurant down the street. Order something appropriate and tell them the situation and see if they can put a rush on the order. I'll get the serving dishes ready.

Husband: Good thing you are so quick off the mark. Otherwise, our dinner party would have been a disaster.

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(to be) quick off the mark - Usage:


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(to be) quick off the mark - Gerund Form:

Being quick off the mark, the astute businessman was first to recognize and take advantage of the emerging market.

(to be) quick off the mark - Examples:

1)  ... and credit must go to Peter Black at Freedom to Differ for being very quick off the mark in picking these things up. 

2)  Frank, gee, you were quick off the mark this morning, to get the first silly comment in.

3)  Riding on high performance tires providing serious traction, the Genesis is quick off the mark fast and offers responsive handling.

4)  And Specsavers showed, once again, that being quick off the mark is as important in advertising as it is in athletics.

5)  From which it becomes apparent that the Foreign office were extraordinarily quick off the mark in seizing the diplomatic initiative in this case, ...

6)  Muslim leaders in particular have been very quick off the mark and issued very strong worded statements about honour killings focusing on their ...

7)  ... before the show hit TV screens across the country -- and he revealed just how quick off the mark you have to be to work on air.

8)  It is always first come first served, you have to be quick off the mark if you want to get ahead for a first class degree!

9)  And for those of you who are quick off the mark, the first 1000 of these sold will feature a calendar signed ...

10)  My colleague David Brock was quick off the mark with some initial reactions.

11)  People with quick reactions are likely to live longer than those less quick off the mark, a study suggests.

12)  Most of the manufacturers were quick off the mark and offered fixes within a few days.

13)  I suppose if I'm quick off the mark I'll steal a lead on other sellers.

14)  ... but Henly was quick off the mark to pounce on the ball.

15)  ... from too much dancing and a massive lack of sleep, I wasn't exactly quick off the mark.

16)  ... your chance quickly. When David Beckham went up for sale, many clubs were quick off the mark to show their interest in signing him.

17)  They do seem to be quick off the mark to make the tough decisions though. 

18)  Keep on top of your search daily and be quick off the mark remembering the seller may want a quick sale.

19)  He is seriously quick off the mark, his acceleration is just amazing to see.

20)  You've got to be quick off the mark when stores announce special offers.