(to be) quick on the uptake

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - quick on the uptake

"(to be) quick on the uptake"

to be quick to understand or learn something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - quick on the uptake

Two teachers are talking ...

Teacher 1:  I am a little concerned about having had Nancy transferred to a new course three weeks after it has started.

Teacher 2:  Nancy is very intelligent and will catch up with no problem.

Teacher 1:  You think Nancy is that quick on the uptake?

Teacher 2:  I've never seen a student who can learn so quickly.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - quick on the uptake

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  You new intern is sharp. I can't believe how he understood so clearly what was happening in the meeting and then got on his laptop and found the missing information.

Colleague 2:  He is certainly quick on the uptake. Maybe I should be worried about my job.

(to be) quick on the uptake - Usage:


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(to be) quick on the uptake - Gerund Form:

Being quick on the uptake, she reacted to the difficult situation with intelligence.

(to be) quick on the uptake - Examples:

1)  Blair Underwood showed himself as thoughtful, intelligent, quick on the uptake, and very engaged with the research process ...

2)  Bright as a button and quick on the uptake, she misses very, very little!

3)  ... quick on the uptake, with a considerable if superficial stock of general knowledge and a lot of original ...

4)  ... other than the dummies still using links are not too bright or quick on the uptake and don't deserve affiliates.

5)  He's very quick on the uptake and at processing information.

6)  I have never been quick on the uptake -- not read enough murder mystery books.

7)  If a person is quick on the uptake he or she is clever and understands something quickly and without needing a long explanation.

8)  The student began the course a month late but she was quick on the uptake and soon caught up with the other students in the class.

9)  Because I'm quick on the uptake, I immediately realised she was referring to Mr T -- my nephew.

10)  You better be very intelligent, quick on the uptake, good at your job and an efficient hostess.

11)  ... bear a striking note of visual quality and clarity of thought. Quick on the uptake, she has the ability to rise to any occasion with her presence of mind ...

12)  ... new ideas and new concepts and wanted them tested. He was quick on the uptake. He was impatient and restless until his objectives were realized.

13)  Eric, who's usually quick on the uptake, couldn't see through their ploy right until the end. 

14)  Manchester was very quick on the uptake with the punk scene, which obviously originated in London, but very quickly thereafter ...

15)  He was wonderful company, very quick on the uptake with such a keen sense of humour and of the absurd.

16)  ... have proven themselves to be very quick on the uptake of new knowledge and technology.

17)  Not the brightest bulb that Ji Hyun was, she nevertheless is quick on the uptake this time, asking if this all indicates that she is soon to die?

18)  ... and once again the cadet proved quick on the uptake and launched his own assault on Apollo's uniform.

19)  ... that babies and small children are phenomenally quick on the uptake. Little ones spend most of their time systematically exploring the world through trial and ...

20)  Japan was quick on the uptake but this technology has only recently been successfully received in the West.