to raise hell

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - raise hell

"to raise hell"

to cause a disturbance, often because a person is extremely angry;

to protest about something in a loud and angry way


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - raise hell

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Have you heard about this new mandatory overtime policy?

Colleague 2: I can't believe it. I am so angry. Can you imagine management threatening our jobs if we don't comply. I am going to raise hell about this.

Colleague 1: What are you going to do?

Colleague 2: I am going to organize all the staff to go on a rotating work slowdown campaign. We will all take turns putting our feet up on our desks to show our disagreement with the new policy.

Colleague 1: That will definitely cause a disturbance and get management's attention.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - raise hell

Two restaurant staff are talking ...

Manager: Why is that customer raising hell and shouting for the manager? His behavior is disturbing the other patrons.

Serving Person: Apparently he was served the wrong order, the food was cold and he was over-charged on his bill.

Manager: He seems really upset. I suppose I had better go over there and try to placate him.

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to raise hell - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   281   click for frequency by country

to raise hell - Gerund Form:

Raising hell about the poor service, he yelled and screamed and called for the manager.

to raise hell - Examples:

1)  ... they were flying on were releasing chemicals into the air, environmentalist groups would raise hell and demand the spraying stop.

2)  ... in other ways and he was first to go down to the school and raise hell when my son was being bullied.

3)  ... its best in a tough situation... and I'll be the first to raise hell if they screw up. 

4)  If your wife wants you to go out and get drunk and raise hell with her, go ahead. 

5)  I'll be on to customer care first thing in the morning to raise hell.

6)  You can raise hell, say you hate everyone and yell out, 'I quit'!!

7)  ... was such a common knowledge why didn't the so call independent election commission raise hell? Why is the opposition who were ever so eager to disrupt parliament, silent?

8)  ... fussy baby all the time, would wake up at the slightest sound and raise hell. Nothing would pacify her-me, milk, rocking, lullabies, burping, changing ...

9)  ... or some other favor to adopt a certain policy, the rivals will raise hell against him and destroy his credibility.

10)  ... medicare cost increases look enormous. Covering such increases with payroll tax increases will raise hell politically. 

11)  ... spending is almost as hard to cut, because it benefits constituencies that would raise hell if their government checks shrank. 

12)  If we could get a majority in each Congress Members district to write and raise hell, we would see some action.

13)  We need to stop waiting to be saved by someone. Raise hell. Start a phone chain and call your state reps.

14)  And it would be in very bad taste for anyone to raise hell at a Memorial Day service.

15)  Go back and raise hell at the store, they sold you a warranty under the expressed purpose of replacing ...

16)  Instead, the Mayor and Council should be raising hell about what the Harper government is up to.

17)  Me, I'd be protesting. I'd be raising hell.

18)  While I was out raising hell with all my drug friends, he was home writing letters.

19)  Those most likely to join radical unions are the unconscious rebels who are raising hell on the job. They are not afraid to lose their jobs.

20)  But you get a lawyer on the phone, barking and raising hell, and things happen. Bureaucrats get motivated. Papers get processed.