(to be) red-hot

Idiom Definition

Idiom Defintion - red-hot

"(to be) red-hot"

very good;

very exciting


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Defintion - red-hot

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  How exciting that we are releasing our brand-new super exciting new product next week.

Colleague 2:  Initial reviews are telling us that our new product is going to be red-hot and very successful.

Colleague 1:  Great to be involved in something so awesome.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Defintion - red-hot

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Wow! Nice new sports car you've bought. How does it handle?

Friend 2:  It's red-hot. It goes very fast and handles like a race car.

Friend 1:  Can't wait for a test drive.

(to be) red-hot - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,072   click for frequency by country

(to be) red-hot - Gerund Form:

Being red-hot the newest cellphone sold out of stores on the first day.

(to be) red-hot - Examples:

1)  ... vote also comes less than a week after Stockton, a city where a once red-hot housing market collapsed, declared bankruptcy.

2)  He's not a flag waving patriot, and he's not a red-hot revolutionary.

3)  ... and he will be centered by Johan Larsson and red-hot Charlie Coyle.

4)  My goal is to transform "slaves of other people's control" into "red-hot, assertive master persuaders".

5)  Since his one red-hot season, Nelson has looked like an average NBA point guard with a solid three-point ...

6)  ... welfare reform was undertaken during the nineties boom, when a red-hot employment market made it possible for people to transition from welfare to low-rung jobs.

7)  ... while you're building a resume with red-hot experience for future tech jobs. 

8)  A red-hot start from Lance Berkman has also helped.

9)  Murray has been red-hot the past two weeks with seven touchdown passes and leads the SEC with a 170.7 ...

10)  ... worse feelings for investors than to suspect that they were the last ones into a red-hot market.

11)  ... returns with a red-hot all-star cast that includes Michael J. Fox.

12)  ... was just before red-hot Vancouver house prices tumbled more than 26%.

13)  Pre-game talk casting the Giants as a red-hot team amounted to nothing. 

14)  ... it sold its first batch of shares in a secondary offering in a now red-hot stock market at a red-hot price that was up 60 percent from the IPO.

15)  The super luxury market has been red-hot in the last few months.

16)  Renewable fuels clearly a red-hot item is renewable fuels.

17)  The Dolphins lost to the red-hot Colts last week.

18)  Why did Sean research for red-hot investments during a second Obama term?

19)  With one tick on the clock, red-hot Rene Paredes stepped up and booted a 50-yard field goal that sent the Stamps the ...

20)  More importantly, Canada's red-hot housing market has soared into the danger zone.