to rest on your laurels

Idiom Definition

"to rest on your laurels"

to rely upon past achievements and successes and not continue to work to achieve new things or new successes

Idiom Definition - to rest on your laurels


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to rest on your laurels

Michelle is a salesperson.  She has just made a $1,000,000 commission on a successful sale.  Michelle accomplished this by working very hard and pounding the pavement.  She made many calls and had many meetings and created many presentations in order to make this sale.

If Michelle does not continue with her hard work and just rests on her laurels, will she make another successful sale?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to rest on your laurels

Bernie had been having some trouble with poor grades in his university classes until he pulled up his socks and got his act together.  Now, Bernie is enjoying very good grades because he has been studying very hard.

What will happen if Bernie rests on his laurels?

to rest on your laurels - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   904   click for frequency by country

to rest on your laurels - Gerund Form:

Resting on your laurels can cause you to become complacent and lose your advantage.

to rest on your laurels - Examples:

1)  I rest on my laurels when I can continue for a short time by relying on previous successes.

2)  You rest on your laurels when you have achieved a great accomplishment.

3)  He rests on his laurels because he is arrogant in his belief that he can sustain his position on past achievements.

4)  She rests on her laurels when her boss gives her a lot of praise.

5)  Cellphone Company N rests on its laurels when it believes the competition poses no threat to its continued high sales volumes.

6)  We rest on our laurels because we believe we can.

7)  You (all) rest on your laurels because you (all) think that you will win the next game.

8)  They rest on their laurels because they think their previous accomplishments will ensure continued success.

9)  Companies and cooks who rest on their laurels don't last. 

10)  Companies and cooks who rest on their laurels don't last. 

11) Many people seem to have a false perception that academics rest on their laurels in cushy jobs that only require a few hours of work per week.  

12)  Successful people, or businesses, worldwide never rest on their laurels, they try and take it to the next level.

13)  Argentina captain Lionel Messi said his side can not afford to rest on their laurels ahead of their trip to Peru on Tuesday.

14)  Having embraced one simple change, some people then tend to rest on their laurels.

15) Most of them rest on their laurels and hone neither their sporting skills nor their academic performance while at university. 

16)  I think that ethical fund managers should not rest on their laurels.

17) Shese high-achievers don't sit back and rest on their laurels after a success and they don't give up when they fail either. 

18)  Carragher warned that this was not the time for the youngsters to rest on their laurels and that both they and the club must ensure that the appropriate steps are taken.

19)  Councils will not rest on their laurels and are looking to make even more efficiency savings.

20)  This unwillingness to rest on their laurels reveals an impressive work ethic.