to ride shotgun

Idiom Definition

"to ride shotgun"

to travel in the front passenger seat (next to the driver) of a moving vehicle;

to assist or help

Idiom Definition - to ride shotgun


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to ride shotgun

Ned and Grace are packing up their car in preparation for their long weekend camping trip. As they are almost ready to go, Grace turns to Ned and says ...

Grace:  I would like to ride shotgun so that I can navigate and enjoy the scenery.

Ned:  OK, dear.  I'll drive.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to ride shotgun

Victor and Bruce and a group of their friends are preparing to go out for a drive in Victor and Bruce's fancy car.  One of their friends calls out ...

"I call shotgun!"

This friend is given the privilege of riding in the passenger seat.

to ride shotgun - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   197   click for frequency by country

to ride shotgun - Gerund Form:

Riding shotgun means you don't have to drive.

to ride shotgun - Examples:

1)  I ride shotgun when I travel in the passenger seat of a car.

2)  You ride shotgun when you travel in the passenger seat of a truck.

3)  He rides shotgun when he travels in the passenger seat of an airplane.

4)  She rides shotgun when she travels in the passenger seat of a horse drawn wagon.

5)  We ride shotgun when we assist a coworker with a presentation.

6)  You (all) ride shotgun when you (all) ride in the front passenger seat.

7)  They ride shotgun when they ride in the passenger seat.

8)  They bought a new car and I got to ride shotgun with Country Princess on the way home.

9)  Well, it got me thinking that those of us who ride shotgun on the cancer trail need to occasionally take a few moments for ourselves.

10)  In search of answers, I will ride shotgun with him for the next 13 hours as he flits from one establishment to the other.

11)  Lapierre would ride shotgun for Henrik and he gives that line a whole lot more grit.

12)  They are excellent travellers (once they've determined who's going to ride shotgun) so the to-ing and fro-ing shouldn't be a huge issue.

13)  One is where you ride shotgun on a research project and that usually guarantees an MD and papers.

14)  So what, we team up? Get matching capes, I ride shotgun in a sidecar?

15)  A weaker man would have allowed the unions to ride shotgun over Australia's number one airline.

16)  Truth is growing up I hustled to ride shotgun in my parents' cars.

17)  Malou and I made a mental note to make the place element ride shotgun with the rest of the ingredients.

18)  Geithner's role is going to be to ride shotgun on the debt limit and make sure that everybody is sufficiently alarmed about that.

19)  But I have to admit: I would have loved to ride shotgun at least once with a group of officers like that.

20)  What takes him so long? You're about to ride shotgun and find out.